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Unitary Conglomerate of Galahinda

Flag of Galahinda
Motto: "Forward into the future"
Official languagesLimonaian, Galaçoise
• Chairman
Yiu Amastacia
LegislatureGrand Council
• Independence from Limonaia
January 1st, 1930
Time zoneUTC +1
Date formatdd-mm-yyyy
Driving sideright
Calling code+60

The Unitary Conglomerate of Galahinda is an island nation in the northwest Adlantic Ocean of Eurth. The Island is home to a single megacity, Cascadia, which comprises the majority of the island's landmass.


The capital, Cascadia, is defined by its size, encompassing 87% of avalible landmass on official maps, with the outskirts being majority uninhabited or industrial corridors to the north of the island. The city is characterized by the Urban Core located to the southwest of the island. The Urban Core contains the majority of corporate headquarters, nightlife, and shopping, and is renowned for its use of electronic screens which provide the area its characteristic vibrance.

The southeast peninsula of the island is home to the island's elite, with the majority of corporate board members holding some land within the area.


Galahinda's economy is driven by the nation's Corporate Board, made up of the 20 most profitable corporations on the island. The corporate board as of July 1st, 2022, FY36 is: Cascadia Bay Area Transit: Formed in the aftermath of Agglomeration in 1985, Cascadia Bay Area Transit, known locally as C-BAT, maintains the public transit system of Cascadia the Greater Cascadia Metro. Currently operated by Pierce Winden, it is the least profitable corporation to maintain a seat on the Corporate Board. CEO: Pierce Winden

Androni commercial solutions: Androni Commercial solutions is the glue holding the corporate board together. By coordinating the manufacture, marketing, and sales of nearly all goods within Galahinda, CEO Lynne Androni has managed to prevent any major conflicts between board members, and maximize profits across all sectors. CEO: Lynne Androni

Bitmann Financial Holdings: Founded in 1930 by Fontaine Bitmann, it was the only financial institution to maintain credit during the financial collapse of 1985, after which Bitmann served as Corporate Board Chairman from 1993 until his replacement in 2016 by MYNE creative director Yiu Amistacia. Immediately following this replacement he resigned and ownership was transferred to then CFO Marina Chun. CEO: Marina Chun

Klynne Security Group: In the absence of a formal military, Klynne Security Group has become the defacto defensive force within Galahinda. Private security contracts are able to be taken out in order to protect customers from a wide range of threats including home security, personal protection, and asset security and reclamation. CEO: Spencer Klynne

Consort: Consort is the primary contractor for construction within Cascadia, managing 90% of the construction projects within the urban core. Current projects include various Veridi vertical farms, construction of the Atelier Manufacturing Industrial Park, and extensions to existing C-BAT tram and train lines to suburban Cascadia. CEO: Nathan Braun

Spai Computing: The newest member of the corporate board, Spai Computing is the primary provider of electronics for the island. Currently in the midst of a PR nightmare due to an ongoing rivalry with MYNE Creative Director Yiu Amistacia. CEO: Richard Spai

Horizons Energy: Providing the power required to keep Cascadia lit and the citizens happy. Horizons Energy powers the island through a combination of wind, solar, and geothermal power plants in an attempt to prevent the blackout leading to agglomeration from happening again. Horizons also operate several desalination plants in order to supply the island with fresh water. CEO: Damien Trujillo

ASC Legal: ASC Legal is an exclusive law firm covering members of the corporate board, and wealthy clients. The firm maintains exclusive legal representation of the corporate board, it’s members, and members of Galahindan society deemed either notable, influential, or wealthy enough to make full use of the services provided. Lead Partner: Aya Saint-Claire

Telegram International: Telegram international is the leading provider of the islands’ postal and internet infrastructure. Recent initiatives to provide free public WiFi within the urban core of Galahinda have been met with widespread support from both the public and corporate board. CEO: Hazmah Ramirez

MYNE: The face of Galahinda, MYNE is a fashion company unlike any seen on eurth. Creative director and current Corporate Board Chairman Yiu Amistacia has moved the fashion house into international acclaim with unmatched quality and design. Creative Director: Yiu Amistacia

Thorn Waste Disposal: Thorn Waste Disposal is the only company on the board to be publicly funded, with lower house contracts maintaining profitability and position on the corporate board. CEO: Christian Thorn

Cascadia Property Management: The largest realty conglomerate on the island, Cascadia Property Management handles land and property sales, with 80% of all property sales during 2019/FY36 being handled by the company. CEO: Adrian Atkinson

Veridi: Veridi is the primary provider of fresh produce for Galahinda. As well as maintaining the green spaces within downtown Cascadia, Veridi has begun several innovative vertical farming initiatives within Galahinda. CEO: Constance Blum

Atelier Manufacturing: Responsible for basic manufacturing of goods, Atelier manufacturing holds the majority of the island’s heavy industry within the northern sector of the island. Construction of an industrial corridor stretching from the center of the region to the ports on the northwest coast are is underway. CEO: Kira Sandoval

Laxcomme International: Managing the import and export of goods for Galahinda, Laxcomme International has maintained one of the highest revenue rates out of any corporate board member. Headquarters is currently housed alongside Pier 8 at the Galahindan Central Harbor. CEO: Beneda Laxcomme

Neurve Pharmaceuticals: Handling sales of pharmaceuticals and private medical services for the island. Additionally, Neurve Pharmaceuticals handles the managing and approval for new pharmaceuticals for consumption by the Galahindan Public. CEO: Zaharia Neurve

Anvie LTD: Anvie LTD acts as the managing agency for food and drinks. Anvie LTD operates several high-end leisure locations within Galahinda. The majority of nightclubs, bars, and restaurants on the island are either Anvie affiliates or outright owned by the company. CEO: Fatima Galvan

Pasterre Insurance: Pasterre provides a wide range of insurance packages, covering persons, businesses, property, and medical insurance for the island. Partnerships with Neurve Pharmaceuticals, Klynne Security Group, and Cascadia Property Management mean that coverage prices can be lowered for services provided when bundled together. CEO: Joel Pasterre

GalFreight: GalFreight is responsible for the distribution of heavy industry and retail goods for the island and works in direct competition with Laxcomme International. GalFreight operates heavy rail, road, and air transport of cargo. Cargo ranging from everyday commercial products to heavy machinery is transported using a fleet of trains, ships, and road vehicles. CEO: Oliver Brendtholm

Orpheum Media Group: Responsible for a large quantity of Galahinda’s media production, Orpheum Media Group produces media ranging from advertising, news programs, and print media to music and radio. Currently Orpheum Media Group owns and operates Cascadia Current, The Englesen Angle, and a wide variety of marketing deals with companies like MYNE and Androni Commercial Solutions. CEO: Cynthia Ferroe

Although not a member of the Corporate Board, DAUFA, the island's newest private millitary contractor is rapidly growing.

Notable Galahindan inventions include the YUUL, an electronic cigarette, and the social media platform FIYD.



Fashion is Galahinda's main export, with MYNE hosting one of the largest profit margins within the Corporate Board. Focused on luxury and quality the MYNE brand has grown to become a worldwide household name. MYNE founder and Corporate Board Chairperson Yiu Amistacia. Trends are ever-shifting, changing with season, current events, taste, and trend.