Lysian Republic

Fleur de Lys, officially the République Lysienne (literal translation: “Lysian Republic”) is a sovereign state whose territory is in Central Europa. The Republic borders in the South Cristina and Mantella, the large plains in the East and the North, along the Lac Lyrie making the entire Western facade, for ending with Magnaeus border in the South-West. The Republic is well known for being a founding Member of the ISTC, ATARA along with an observer member in the EOS.





Président de la République

Président du Conseil de la République

Assemblée Nationale

  • Président de l'Assemblée Nationale

Conseil d'État

Ministère des Affaires Diplomatiques et Commerciales

  • Ambassades
  • Consulats
  • Organisations
  • Traités
  • Sanctions

Ministère des Affaires Éducatives et Scientifiques

  • Cooperation with the ISTC
  • Institut de Recherche Pédago-Méthodique
  • Institut Nationale
  • Institut de la Recherche Spatiale
  • Institut du Monde Europæn
  • L'Académie Nationale
  • Quant. Quant is a Danebourgeois internet provider company founded in 2013 by Thomas Gesger and Anthony Luvado. The company have been nationalised following the Plan Cinq in April 2018.
  • Rosette

Ministère des Affaires Financières et Bancaires

The total population of the Union in 2018 is 72 822 471 citizens, of which 3 254 882 residents for a total GDP of 2 596 702 324 668,78, or a GDP per capita of 35 657,98 (of 37 102,99 in 2017) with the part of the Government in the GDP being of 11,31% along a planned deficit of 0,53% giving the total Governmental budget to 307 364 059 691,95 Francs for a debt at 39,91% of the GDP.

Crédit Républicain

List of taxes existing in the Union and their rate:

  • Impôt sur le Logement non-Écologique (ILE) at an additional 5% of the habitat's electrical consumption in addition to the Impôt sur le Logement.
  • Impôt sur le Logement (IE) at 2,5% of the price of the m2 annually defined by the local authorities.
  • Impôt de Séjour (IS) at 5 Francs per person per night.
  • Impôt sur la Valeur Ajoutée (IVA) at 5% for eco-friendly products/services; 10% nominal.
  • Impôt sur les Besoins Fondamentaux (IBF) at 2,5%, replace the Impôt sur la Valeur Ajoutée for the restaurant/food/wine/electricity/public transport/water.
  • Impôt sur l'Alcool et Boissons Sucrées (IABS) in addition to the Impôt sur la Valeur Ajoutée alcoholic and sugar drinks (with the exception of: wine, armagnac, cognac and local liqueurs), at 20% of their value.
  • Impôt sur les Mal-Nutrition (IMN) at 50% for the junk/fast food.
  • Impôt sur le Revenu (IR) at 20% for private citizen's revenues.
  • Impôt sur les Profits (IP) at 20% for companies' revenues.
  • Impôt sur l'Héritage (IH) at 5% for the total sum of the inheritance.
  • Impôt sur l'Import (II) at 25% for any imported product.
  • Impôt pour le Future (IF) at 5% of all salaries versed.
  • Impôt sur les Plus-Values Boursiers (IPVB) at 20% of all gains on shares if traded within less then a 1 year after their acquisition. At 10% if traded within less then 5 years after their acquisition.
  • Impôt sur les Transactions Bancaires (ITB) at 0,1% for all external transactions out of the Union.
  • Impôt sur les Industries Polluantes (IIP) at 2,5% of the company's total profit if this company is proved to act against eco-friendly rules by the local Institut de l'Écologie.
Institut des Finances

The Institut des Finances annually publish and put in transparency the accounts of the Union and regulate the budget with the Congrès des Assemblées.

Institut de Sûreté Bancaire
Fond d'Investissement pour le Future
Fond pour le Développement Durable
Fond pour les Futures Générations

Ministère des Affaires Hygièniques et Préventives

  • Institut de la Recherche Agronomique
  • Institut de la Santé Publique
  • Institut de la Sûreté Gastronomique
  • Pasteur

Ministère des Affaires Militaires et Stratégiques

  • Breguet Aviation
  • Breguet Électronique
  • Breguet Moteur
  • Force de Défense. The Force de Défense has a total budget of 2 561 815 833,02 Francs for 2018, operating 287 bases and stations/complexes throughout the Union maintained by 31 250 personnel.
  • Force de l'Air. The Force de l'Air has a total budget of 25 618 158 330,21 Francs for 2018, operating 1 087 planes, from which 875 Fighters, 86 support aircraft and 126 training aircraft maintained by 156 250 personnel.
  • Force de l'Espace. The Force de l'Espace has a total budget of 5 123 631 666,04 Francs for 2018, operating 2 launch sites and +25 satellites maintained by 15 625 personnel.
  • Force de l'Outre. The Force de l'Outre has a total budget of 5 123 631 666,04 Francs for 2018, operating 2 heavy frigates, 5 light frigates and 10 patrol ships maintained by 15 625 personnel.
  • Force de Mobilité. The Force de Mobilité has a total budget of 7 685 447 499,06 Francs for 2018, operating 625 Main Battle Tanks, 1 250 Infantry Fighting Vehicles, 125 Armoured Scout Cars, 250 Light Armoured Vehicles, 25 Armoured Recovery Vehicles and 625 Unarmoured Vehicle maintained by 156 250 personnel.
  • Force de Support. The Force de Support has a total budget of 5 123 631 666,04 Francs for 2018, operating 65 Medium Transport/Utility Helicopter, 100 Tactical Transport Helicopter, 50 Attack Helicopter, 10 Light Multi-Role Helicopter and 25 Military Utility and Armed Assault Helicopter maintained by 15 625 personnel.
  • Giat

Ministères des Affaires Structurelles et Énergétiques

  • Air France
  • Altaïr
  • Areva
  • Elf
  • Énère
  • Inouï
  • Institut de la Sûreté Aérienne
  • Institut de la Sûreté Ferroviaire
  • Institut de la Sûreté Nucléaire
  • Suez. Suez is the main and only provider of natural gas in the Union. Suez is granted monopoly in this area, ensuring a stable gas prize, and is fully owned by the Union following the Plan Cinq.
  • Theorès. Theorès is a consortium of the various old companies which were in charge of the water purifications of the Républiques Sœurs before the re-foundation of the Union. The company have been nationalised following the Plan Cinq.
  • Total
  • Vinci. Vinci is a Citoyen concessions and construction company founded in 1899 in Mauvin. It is currently the largest construction company in the Union, and have been nationalised following the Plan Cinq.

Ministère des Affaires Culturelles et Politiques

Ministère des Affaires Sociales et Environnementales

  • Institut de l'Écologie
  • Institut des Libertées

Ministère des Affaires Industrielles et Économiques


Nûmes is a Bellefaye luxurious car company founded in 1955 by Antoine Deviertie with the Numéro Nul. The company have received a funding through shares transaction by the Union of 1 000 000 000 Francs following the Plan Cinq.

The company is notably known for the success of its Numéro Huit. The cars produced by Nûmes are : Numéro Nul in 1957; Numéro Un in 1970; Numéro Deux in 1974; Numéro Trois in 1989; Numéro Quatre in 1992; Numéro Cinq in 1998; Numéro Six in 2002; Numéro Septm in 2006; Numéro Huit in 2011; and finally Numéro Neuf in 2018.

Ministère des Affaires Juridiques et Pénales

Institution de la Sûreté de la Cyber-Toile

Congrès des Assemblées