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Sultanate of Bahiristan

سلطنة بحرستان
Flag of Bahiristan
Anthem: "The Oath of the Dragon Dunes"
Map of Bahiristan.png
StatusIndependent State
and largest city
Official languagesBahiri
GovernmentUnitary Tanyinist Absolute Monarchy
• Sultan
Raheem Bin Hafeez
LegislatureCouncil of Bahiristan
• The Bahr tribe migration
• Khaliqate Established
• Total
89,400 km2 (34,500 sq mi)
• 2021 census
GDP (nominal)estimate
• Total
$374 billion
• Per capita
CurrencyRahe (BHR)
Time zoneUTC -4
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy
Driving sideright
Internet TLD.bhr

Bahiristan, officially the Sultanate of Bahiristan, is a country in Eastern Alharu on Eurth. It has a land area of about 89,400 km2. It is bordered by the Qingming Sea to the east, Variota to the north, and Fulgistan to the south. Most of its terrain consists of arid desert, lowland, steppe, and mountains. Its capital and largest city is Azama. The country is home to Madillah, the holiest city in the Tanyinist religion.

Pre-Tanyinist Bahiristan, the territory that constitutes modern-day Bahiristan, was the site of the Haya River Civilization, one of the earliest traces of human activity in the world.


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Throughout the centuries the various tribes of the deserts of Bahiristan were plagued by never ending wars. Under the banner of the tribe of Raheem and the ideas of Taniynism. The tribes were united into what is now Bahiristan. Commerce and foreign relations were opened up, and Bahiristan was prospering in the time of late-antiquity. When all of a sudden the nation was attacked by a powerful foreign power. Luckily, the combined force of all the united tribes drove out this unknown power. In foreboding that another power will descend destruction upon them, the nation unanimously decided to enter a period of isolationism. Under isolation, Bahiristan thrived; creating unique cultures and traditions within its lowly walls of stone, and as well as the watchful eye of their one true god. In the mid 19th century, Bahiristan was coerced into opening up its gates once-more by another foreign power. Bahiristan entered an era of rapid modernization, technologically at least. Modern-day, Bahiristan is more powerful than ever before, and is now hungry for more.[1]

Haya River Civilization

Khaliqate of Bahiristan

Qabil Dynasty

Munta Dynasty

Bahr Civil War

Treaty of Nihhr

Reign of Sultan Eazim (1842-1886)

Algrawlu Rebellion

Bahr-Fulgistani War

Reign of Sultan Eazim II (1886-1941)

Reign of Sultan Mehmed (1941-1997)

Reign of Sultan Hafeez (1997-present)


Most of Bahiristan is an inhospitable desert known as the Altiniyn Alkuthban Desert, also known as the Dunes of the Dragons; where only the strongest of creatures survive, and a voyage through it is described as a thousand hells. Most of Bahiristan's population resides along the arid, steppe coast of the nation, where multiple major cities are sprinkled. The capital of Bahiristan -- Azama -- is situated where the Altada River empties out into the sea. Along the northern borders of Bahristan are the Alrajul Al'akhir Mountains.[1]

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Head of State.
Head of Government.

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Monarchy and Royal Family

Legal System

Foreign Relations


Human Rights

Administrative Divisions


Oil and Gas



Agriculture and Fishing


(WIP. Bahiristan is mostly like Saudi Arabia where the nation is ruled by the King, or in this case Sultan, and his vast amount of family. The Sultan, who is currently Raheem Bin Hafeez, is believed to be the living embodiment of Bahiristan's God, an almighty dragon from the heavens who is the leader of the religion known as Taniynism. The Bahiristani people are ranked in a caste system, with the royal family being at the top. Also like Saudi Arabia, Bahiristan's biggest export is oil. Bahiristan would be aligned with whatever nation is best for its businesses, and economic growth.[1] Culture: Pagan Arabs.[2])


Music and Cinema