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Confederation of Lusuviya

""Конфедраця Лусувія""
Flag of Lusuviya
Coat of Arms of Lusuviya
Coat of Arms
Motto: 'Волнош та брәтество'
Liberty and Brotherhood
StatusIndependent democratic federation
Recognised national languages Lusuviyan
Ethnic groups
Government Confederal Federal Republican Democracy
• President
Jaroslav Yurchenko
• Prime Minister
Sofija Jagjielsko
• Vice President
Olena Kushnir
• Federal Diet Head of Finances
Aleksander Pushenko
• Federal Diet Head of Enviroment, transport, and energy
Olena Kushnir
• Federal Diet Head of Home Affairs and Communication
Ivan Zaikov
• Federal Diet Head of Economic Affairs
Dmytro Lishko
• Federal Diet Head of Education and Research
Sara Florkovsko
• Federal Diet Head of Foreign Affairs
Jaroslav Yurchenko
• Federal Diet Head of Defense and Civil Protection
Hannah Blazhnak
• Federal Diet Head of Justice and Police
Anton Popovich
LegislatureRada of Lusuviya
Lusuviyan Sich Assembly
Lusuviyan Budyonok
• 2020 census
GDP (nominal)estimate
• Per capita
CurrencyGrivna (LGA)
Time zoneUTC-2 (GST)
Date formatTemplate:Day
Driving sideright
Internet TLD.lya

Lusuviya, officially known as the Confederation of Lusuviya (Конфедраця Лусувія in Lusuviyan), is a sovereign state in Argis on Eurth. It is bordered by Transbaltia to the north and Dazhdinia to the south.

(1st paragraph. Name. Location. Borders. Approx population and size. Capital city.) Lusuviya is a landlocked nation located in Southern Argis with a population of almost 29 million and its capital city is Florjinka. (2nd paragraph. Political system. Short history in 1 sentence. Link with present in 1 sentence. Head of state.)

(3rd paragraph. Economy in 2 sentences. International relations in 1 sentence.)


(WIP. Where does your nation's name come from? Most RL national names come from a small variety of choice. Some examples: land of a tribe (ex.France, Persia, Mongolia, Russia), characteristic geography (ex. Netherlands, India, Morocco), an old ruler or religious figure (ex. Philippines, San Marino, Europa, Saudi Arabia), the Latin description of a place (ex. Australia, Argentina, Liberia). How is the name pronounced? How is it translated into other languages?) The name Lusuviya derives from the old Lusuvii tribe.


(WIP. Landscape. Climate. Where exactly is your nation compared to others on the global map? Describe the landscape, plants and animals. Which mountains and rivers are important to include? Describe are the climate and seasons? How does geography determine where people live? Are there areas separated from one another? How about cities? This will greatly help you with the next part of history.)


(WIP. How did your current nation come to be? What were its previous incarnations? Was it part of a union with a neighbour? Which events shaped the way it is today?)


(WIP. Government. Separation of powers. Who rules, how, and for how long? Political parties. What levels of government exist? How about the local level? Who makes the laws? Who deals out your justice? Which government services exist? What is the name of your police? How are the armed forces organised? Foreign affairs, alliances, membership of international organisations.)


(WIP. Employment. Exports and imports. International partners. Currency. Energy. Transportation. Science & technology. Unemployment numbers. Tourism. Media.)


(WIP. Demographics. Ethnic groups. Social classes. Language. Education. Marriage. Religion. Healthcare. Diseases.)


(WIP. Cuisine. Literature. Visual arts. Art. Architecture. Entertainment. Music & Radio. Television. Cuisine. Local customs. Clothing. Morality. Sports. Stereotypes. Your national symbols such as the flag and national anthem. Public holidays and festivities.)