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Confederation of Lusuviya
""Конфедраця Лусӯвія""
Coat of Arms of Lusuviya
Coat of Arms
Motto: 'Волно̄ш та берте̄ство'
Liberty and Brotherhood
StatusIndependent democratic federation
Recognised national languages Lusuviyan
Ethnic groups
Government Confederal Federal Republican Democracy
• President
Jaroslav Yurchenko
• Prime Minister
Ihor Danylovych Hnatyuk
• Vice President
Olena Kushnir
• Federal Diet Head of Finances
Aleksander Pushenko
• Federal Diet Head of Enviroment, transport, and energy
Olena Kushnir
• Federal Diet Head of Home Affairs and Communication
Ivan Zaikov
• Federal Diet Head of Economic Affairs
Dmytro Lishko
• Federal Diet Head of Education and Research
Myron Medvenko
• Federal Diet Head of Foreign Affairs
Jaroslav Yurchenko
• Federal Diet Head of Defense and Civil Protection
Hannah Blazhnak
• Federal Diet Head of Justice and Police
Anton Popovich
LegislatureRada of Lusuviya
Lusuviyan Sich Assembly
Lusuviyan Budyonok
• Estimate
• 2020 census
GDP (nominal)estimate
• Total
539.91 billion AD$
(6,266.91 billion LGA)
• Per capita
18,674 AD$
(216,755 LGA)
CurrencyGrivna (ѓ LGA)
Time zoneUTC-2 (GST)
Date formatTemplate:Day
Driving sideright
Internet TLD.lya

Lusuviya, officially known as the Confederation of Lusuviya (Конфедраця Лусувія in Lusuviyan), is a sovereign state in Argis on Eurth. It is bordered by Transbaltia to the north and Dazhdinia to the south.

Lusuviya is a landlocked nation located in Southern Argis with a population of almost 29 million and its capital city is Florjinka.

Lusuviya is officially a Confederated Federal Democracy divded into 7 Sichs, 3 Third Sichs, and 1 Oblast who elect delegates to the upper house of the Rada and the whole population elects 8 delegates to the Federal Diet who collectively form the Head of State for the Lusuviyan government.

The Lusuviyan economy is largely based on agriculture and some mining with a rising consumer economy. Lusuviya has an average GDP and its trade relies mostly on food exports. Internationally Lusuviya maintains ties with its democratic neighbors and persues a policy of military neutrality based on its unique defensive strategy and strong arms industry based in the Eastern Sich of Midnjidzvin


The name Lusuviya derives from the old Lusuvii tribe who inhabbited the region before the current Yasic Lusuviyans inhabited the region.


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First Yasic Migrations

In the late 6th century the first Yasics arrived in the area of modern Lusuviya largely living as semi nomadic horsemen and traders with important towns like Stari Illya and Mavi Illya (Старi Ілья та Мавi Ілья), Florjinka (Флорїнка), and others originally as small trading and farming villages.

Development of Lussic people

The divergence of the modern Lussic peoples from the Yasic people occurred as a result of linguistic and cultural mixing between the new Lussic peoples with neighboring Transburanic, Western Yasics, as well as the Gintaric people.

Early medieval period

The Early medieval period in Lusuviya is a time heavily mythologized due in part to the lack of any written histories or documentation inside Lusuviya itself. The people largely held to a pagan pantheon and mythology with some minor elements surviving Christianization. This era was also the backdrop for the folktales surrounding the various bogatyr knights such as the brothers Illya the elder and Illya the younger (Stari and Mavi) who founded the twin cities and Stari Illya and Mavi Illya, among others.


(main article Politics of Lusuviya)
The Lusuviyan Government is made of 3 main parts, The Federal Diet, The Rada, and the Supreme Court. Having originally formed from a group of united Sichs against the Ahranian Empire the pursuit of the doctrine of "total freedom" as first coined by an early Lusuviyan Ataman and political philosopher "Bjohon Levjanov" As part of this "Cult of Independence" as dubbed by one outside observer the Lusuviyans established their government in a way that no one man or family could ever rule Lusuviya and instead there would be a Directorate which would be directly appointed and advised by the people of Lusuviya with the rights to self determination of protection guarantied to the people of Lusuviya. | | In the current form of the Federal Diet there are 8 members with each member serving for a maximum of 2 4 year terms and staggered so that every year there is at least 1 diet election in December with the office change coming into effect the following January.

Diet Position current holder from which year to which year
FDH of Finances Aleksander Pushenko 2022-2026
FDH of Environment, Transport, and Energy Olena Kushnir 2021-2025
FDH of Home Affairs and Communication Ivan Zaikov 2020-2024
FDH of Economic Affairs Dmytro Lishko 2019-2023
FDH of Education and Research Myron Medvenko 2022-2026
FDH of Foreign Affairs Jaroslav Jurchenko 2019-2023
FDH of Defense and Civil Protection Hannah Blazhnak 2020-2024
FDH of Justice and Police Anton Popovich 2021-2025

The current president is Jaroslav Jurchenko with Olena Kushnir as Vice President. The way the presidency works is the president will oversee the diet leaders as the face of the Diet but he or she has no special powers or privileges to act on their own without explicit permission from the rest of the Diet and there for the President is actually just an honorary position for the most part. Every January after the new diet takes office the Diet will elect their vice president and the previous vice president will become the year's president. All decisions in the Diet are made by majority vote and members are obligated to forgo party allegiance for their stay in the diet with the exception of the Prime Minister who is the elected head of the Rada and will sit as the tie breaking 9th member of the Diet.


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The Lusuviyan people are largely an amalgamation of mostly local Yasic peoples who have historically taken to living off the land and on horseback and have developed a strong identity around freedom and self sufficiency. The population of Lusuviya in modern times consider themselves ethnic Lusuviyan with a small Germanic minority in the Sich of Kogsburg who consider Kogsburger Dolch, a Dolchic people.