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Aérospatiale is a Lysian multinational company that designs, manufactures, and sells civil and military aeronautical products worldwide. In addition to its primary civil aeroplane business, the company has three sub-companies for other products and services: Breguet Aviation, Breguet Électronique and Breguet Moteur.

The main manufacture of the company and its headquarters are located in Rochetaillée in the east of the République Sœur de Fleur de Lys, near the border with Mantella and Cristina. The company is estimated at around 65 billion Francs on the market for an annual revenue of 63 billion Francs and income of 2,8 billion Francs for 2017. Currently, the company have 49% of its shares on the stock market, while 51% is owned by the Union Pan-Républicaine indirectly through the Institut des Finances.

The company produce estimated 450 aircrafts annually and produce iconic planes such as the Concorde (only supersonic civilian jet in service) and the Magenta (largest airliner).

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