The Sultanate of Assurym

Flag of Assurym
GovernmentAbsolute Monarchy
• Sultan
• Census
CurrencyZyrs (ASZ)
Time zoneUTC +6
Driving sideright

The Sultanate of Assurym is a small absolute monarchy located in Southwestern Europa. It is a nation of dense jungles, home to many wondrous and predatory beasts. The people of Assurym are led by the wise Sultan Ramnan who loves his people like a father but controls all legislative, executive, and judicial powers of the state. Assurym is most well-known for the ancient city of Assum-Zensha deep in the jungle built by Emperor Hideta II around 600 BC. The most predominant building of this ruined city is the Temple of Zen-Ra -- eight large elephant statues that flank the central pathway up to the temple are one of the few remaining items intact are considered a national treasure. Besides Zakesh, the capital, there are three other major cities (all along the coast): Mayras, Ashek, and Dazarnor.