Astriedan (Meaning Land of the Wolves or Wolfland), also know as The United Houses of Astriedan, is a nation located on the island of the same name, on the far east of the Argis continent.

Astriedan is a Feudal Empire, meaning that the Emperor (equivalent of the king) rules the country in cooperation with the land-owning Noble Houses. The Emperor has the role of the head of state and head of government.



Bronze Age

Iron Age

Late Antiquity

Medieval Age

The First Kingdoms

The Age of Conquests


Colegard expansion to the east

Writing of the Imperial Charter

Modern times

Geography, climate, and environment



Government and politics

The United Houses of Astriedan is ruled as a feudal nation, with the Emperor being chosen by the Noble Houses as their leader while the Noble Houses controls a protion of the state's territory.

The Noble Houses

Astriedan is divided between 6 houses (also called Noble Houses):

  • House Colegard: The Colegards are famous for their powerful land-based military. They played a key role in Astriedan's history.
  • House Merter: House Merter is renowed for its merchants. Its economy is based on trading. It played a big role in the modernisation of Astriedan.
  • House Aïl: House Aïl often played a key role in Astriedan's history but is also often forgotten by the public.

Considered as the naval superpower of Astriedan, it provides the imperial throne with crewmembers. Its navy is a force to be reckoned with. It is the house that currently controls the Imperial Throne.

  • House Dresta: House Dresta is a landlocked house located at the center of Astriedan. Under its territory lies a lot of minerals and it's not surprising that this house became the powerhouse of mining in Astriedan. Thanks to a partnership with house Merter, they now also export their ressources to foreign countries.
  • House Dall: House Dall is located north-east of house Dresta. It owns a lot of arable lands and also some forests.

Although it is the first food producer in Astriedan its wood industry is pretty big too.

  • House Wounto: The territory occupied by house Wounto is lacking ressources and good soils. To prevent other houses from invading it, house Wounto heavily relied on technology, often being far ahead compared to other houses. They have lots of trade deals with other houses, trading advanced technology for food and ressources.

Puppet houses

Puppet houses are noble houses that does not have any territory left due to past wars. There are only 2 puppet houses and both were annexed during the Colegard invasion of the east. (Wich was also the only war fought between houses in all the history of Astriedan) Even if they don't have any territory left, puppet houses are still present at the Imperial Council and their voice is still heard. The current puppet houses are:

  • House Eennso
  • House Atria

The Imperial Throne

The Imperial Bureaux

The Imperial Council

List of the Emperors of the United Houses of Astriedan

Law enforcement and crime

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