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Democratic Republic of Sefesia

Flag of Sefesia
Map of Sefesia
Map of Sefesia
Recognised national languagesIverican

Sefesia is a country on Eurth.

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(WIP. The name comes from the Sefes people, a Iberian Celtic group. I wanted to bring to light some of Iverica's non-Spanishness for this ex-colony. Another alternative name is "Libertadia". Sefesia/Libertadia's history is primarily sourced from Pre-Roman Iberia, Liberia, South Africa, Rhodesia, and the Huguenots colonies of France.[1])


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  • Sefesia would be a diaspora colony (unlike Mauridiviah and San Castellino) made up of several still-standing Geltic groups within the country of Iverica. Their goal was to establish a new homeland away from the influence of Iverica, thus their colony was primarily found around the arid Aurelian Wastes where your typical Ivericans wouldn't dare settle.
  • At first their colony saw intense hardship, but eventually they managed to settle the coastline and used forced labour by the natives to maintain a stable economy throughout the 1600s and 1700s.
  • By the late 1800s slavery was increasingly seen in a poor light, and thus Sefesia reformed itself into the Democratic Republic of Sefesia where "all men were equal". In truth the nation became increasingly apartheid with a ruling white class and a servant/working "red" class (as the White Sefesians would call it).
  • Several attempts at reforms, coups, and revolutions have all ended in failure and only caused the state to tighten its grip over its population - but a grip can only be so strong before everything slips out between its fingers.
  • In the modern day the Democratic Republic of Sefesia have largely become an apatheid isolationist state, although does partake in [any treaties/organisations Asgeirra is in] lightly. Their capital is the city of Tartessus.[1]


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