Republic of Fjallshima

Flag of Fjallshima
Motto: Righteousness and Joyousness
Map of Fjallshima
Map of Fjallshima
GovernmentSemi-presidential republic
• President
Fredrik Koizumi
LegislatureNational Rikskai
• 2018 census
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy
Driving sideright
Internet TLD.fs

The Republic of Fjallshima is located on an chain of islands right off the coast of northwestern Aurelia that is south of Little Flau.


Due to its mountains and being surrounded by water, summer can range from being mild to being hot and humid. Winter is very cold and can involve heavy snowfall in more mountainous areas.

Amsterfurt was a planned city established in the early 18th century to become the political and financial capital. The royal family and nobility at the time felt that Rotterzig, the most populous city at the time and still is, was ripe for a revolution by the common people. If one did occur, they were afraid they would able to quickly take over royal and political institutions of the city. Thus, Amsterfurt was planned and built. Back then, it would have taken you quite a few days to walk from Rotterzig to Amsterdam if you didn't have a horse! Not only did the nobility and government relocate there, so did financial institutions. Even today, you will still find many companies headquartered there, especially on the infamous Border Street.[1]


The native Kitakaidon people have been in Yamashima for thousands of years and after the rise of agriculture in 4,000 BC, people started to splinter off into clans who were under the control of numerous different warlords. Civil wars were waged between warlords over hundreds of years with some of the most famous clans being the Minawara, Fujibana, and Sugatomi clans. Andallan Catholic missionaries arrived in the mid 19th century and the Sugatomi clan utilized the missionaries clan to create a new language called Fjallshiman and Fjallshiman Catholicism that was a mix of the Andallan Catholic faith and the native Seinshin spirit-based faith. Fjallshima was united into an empire that was ruled by the Sugatomi Clan. The late 19th century and early 20 century was brutal with a genocide of the native Seinshin Kitakaidon people, an invasion of Fjallshima by the Sunset Sea Islands, and a treaty signed between the Kitakaidon Workers Party and the Fjallshiman government that reorganized the country into a republic with autonomy for the region of Kitakaido.[2]

The nation was isolated for a very long time and was homogenously inhabited by the Yamashiman people who worship Seinshinism, a polytheistic religion dominated by the worship of spiritual figures. There was no centralized government and the nation was dominated by competing warlords. Andallan Catholic missionaries came to the nation in the mid-1800s and with the religious, linguistic, and cultural knowledge they brought, Yamashima was renamed as Fjallshima. Fjallshima established a modernized central government that promoted Fjallshiman, an Andallan-inspired language and Catholicism. In the decades since, the nation has been become a leading force in electronics and entertainment but has also been filled with conflict between the Catholic Fjallshiman-speaking citizens and the Seinshinist Yamashiman-speaking citizens.[3]


President Viggo Kiyoshi of the Free Fjallshima Party leads a minority government.[4]


The Fjallshiman Broadcasting Corporation (FSF) is the prime news public broadcasting service for the Republic of Fjallshima.[5]


A nation with !Japanese-inspired roots heavily influenced by !Nordic (mainly !Swedish) culture with a strong emphasis on religion, respect, family, hard work, and empathy.