Frei fan het Huisselant

Frei fan het Huisselant (Variot for Free time from the Homeland) was a large Variotan leisure organisation and program arranged by the far-right Sons of the Variotan Motherland party. Founded in 1923, the original goal of the program was to allow regular Variotan citizens to save up for vacations within Variota with the program matching the amount citizens saved up. Later on, the program expanded to include exploitation of their own resort, cruises and other leisure activities. After the 1949 ban on the Sons of the Variotan Motherland, the organisation was taken over by the Variotan government and turned into VarioToerist.


From 1925 until 1949, Frei fan het Huisselant operated the beach resort town of Geelesant. Originally an uninhabited beach area halfway between Finfishafen and Ranjekaat, the area was bought by the Frei fan het Huisselant program in 1923 and quickly developed into a beach resort capable of housing five-thousand vacationers. Featuring the promise of all rooms facing the sea, Geelesant became extremely popular with working class citizens from Grootwaterflakte and other cities far from the coast. Geelesant at that time counted a cinema, a theater, a large dock for passenger ships and other amenities including sports facilities. Throughout the existence of the Frei fan het Huisselant organisation, Geelesant represented a level of luxury and leisure that would have been out of reach for many if not all working class Variotans.


In 1930, Frei fan het Huisselant took possession of the Wil fan Rooilamp, a purpose-built cruise ship from the Ranjekaat-based Boogspanner shipyards, and began offering cruises from Ferrefaaierhafen and Geelesant to various sights and places adjacent to the Keelpijppassage. While one could buy regular tickets, the cruises were guaranteed to keep a minimum of half of the cabins available to citizens saving through the Frei fan het Huisselant program. One of the more popular routes throughout the years were the ones including Saale as a destination, as many working class citizens only spoke Variot; Salian was and remains mutual intelligible with Variot and thus ensured that these citizens were able to converse properly with locals.

Additional cruise ships were built for the organisation in 1933, 1935, 1938 and 1941. Showing its age in 1946, Frei fan het Huisselant ordered a replacement for the Wil fan Rooilamp from the Boogspanner shipyards but, due to the 1947 Revolt and the 1949 ban, this ship was never delivered and was instead sold to the Heerefal Casino Resorts corporation and turned into the Sjon Heerefal, the first dedicated floating casino of Variota.

Summer Camps

In 1929, the first summer camp operated by Frei fan het Huisselant opened, in cooperation with the Children of the Variotan Motherland youth organisation. Located on the outskirts of the small city of Brootvallei, one thousand children belonging to Sons of the Variotan Motherland members were able to spend the summer learning skills such as marksmanship while enjoying themselves. While there were small attempts at propaganda, the camp in general remained neutral as all children were part of the Children of the Variotan Motherland organisation or, at the very least, had parents belonging to the Sons of the Variotan Motherland. To keep costs down and maintainable for all participants, the camp was primarily run by volunteers and the children were expected to help with cleaning, cooking and serving meals.

Other summer camps were established near Reierferplattoterp, Finfishafen, Fingerfaaierplaats and Rooiebesflakte. It has been estimated that over one-hundred thousand children spent their summer in the twenty years time that the summer camps existed.