GWFWA Varinco

Geemeiner Fereinigung fan Waafen Fabrikatie Asosiasjies 'Varinco'
Partially State-Owned Private Company
IndustryArmaments Manufacturing
Civilian & Military Armament Sales
PredecessorLambert Waagenmaaker Kleinfegt Fabrikatie
Karrewasser Waafen & Fegtfoertuigen
Rooibesfelt Repressiesiesteemen
Variotaanse Waafenmaaker Asosiasjie 'Piet Timmerlant'
FounderVariotan government
Area served
Key people
J.D. Karrewasser, Chairman
OwnerVariotan government (49%)
J.D. Karrewasser (25%)
City of Rooibesfelt (10%)
Lambert family (10%)
K.L.I.O. (6%)

The Geemeiner Fereinigung fan Waafen Fabrikatie Asosiasjies 'Varinco', generally referred to only as Varinco, is an amalgamation of Variotan defence industry corporations founded in 1951. Its name, Varinco, is short for Variotan Industries Corporation. Varinco is the largest Variotan and Alharun manufacturer of military vehicles, explosives, civilian and military firearms and ammunition and is known within Variota and the international market as a manufacturer known for it's lower price bracket and general ease of maintenance. This lower price bracket and ease of maintenance has ensured a solid market share for Varinco among civilians, paramilitaries, freedom fighters and price-conscious armed forces throughout the world. Varinco maintains a production partnership with the AWFA corporation of the Klan Reierfer Gebiet.


GFWFA Varinco was established in 1951 through law by the Variotan Parliament. In order to maintain and strengthen the self-sufficiency of the nation, partially in response to the situation in Fulgistan, the government ordered the four largest corporations belonging to the defence industry to form together into one. The government was to hold a, barely, minority share at forty-nine percent of the business but would, in turn, invest an amount equal to the value of their share into the business; this investment was intended to be used for research and development as well as improve the capabilities and competitiveness of the business. Other such semi-state owned businesses were also formed in other economic sectors deemed vital to the independence of the nation, albeit Varinco remains the best known example of this. The current chairman of Varinco, J.D. Karrewasser, is a shareholder and current heir to the Karrewasser tank factories.

International customers

Varinco's international customers include the Girkmandian armed forces and the Fulgistani armed forces. Observers say that a deal may be made in the near future to equip the Prymontian Rus' armed forces. Additionally, due to Varinco's acceptance of alternative payment methods, it sees a lot of business from freedom fighters, private military companies, paramilitary groups and other such groups.

International citizens also greedily buy from Varinco, which maintains civilian-oriented chain stores throughout various nations.


Assault Rifles


  • AG-56/59 - Lighter variant.
  • AG-56/88 - Carbine variant.

KLW-AG 56/63 - Hybrid design, uses parts of the AG-56 and the KLW-56.

  • GMG-81 - Light Support Weapon variant.
  • Project 87 - Variant of the GAG-81 using Varinco's 5.8×42mm cartridge.


  • MKLW-95 - Carbine variant.
  • KLMG-95 - Light Support Weapon variant.


  • KLAG-03 - Carbine variant.

Anti-tank weapons

Rocket Propelled Grenades


  • GW-69/85 - Also known as the GW-69-2. Updated variant.


Anti-tank missiles



AFK-52 - Reverse-engineered.




Project 92