Gotneska’s Next Elite Model

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Gotneska's Next Elite Model
Gotneska's Next Elite Model Logo.png
Gotneska's Næst Elite Fyrirmynd (Götaish)
Gotalainn Ar Aghaidh mionlach Mionsamhail (Meallaigian)
GenreReality competition
Presented byBella van der Berg (2020-Preset)
Country of originGotneska
Original language(s)Götaish
No. of seasons9
No. of episodes120
Producer(s)Orlaith Ó Conghaile
Production location(s)Gotneska
Camera setupMulti-camera
Running time45-110 min
Production company(s)Royal Academy
Original releaseOctober 7, 2015 (2015-10-07)

Gotneskan's Next Elite Model (Götaish: Gotneska's Næst Elite Fyrirmynd; Meallaigian: Gotalainn Ar Aghaidh mionlach Mionsamhail) is a reality competition television show originating from Gotneska. The series has garnered attention due to its unique blend of dramatic competition and immersive exposure to the culture and fashion of Gotneska.


The series uses a multi-camera setup and typically features episodes running between 45 to 110 minutes. The format involves participants competing in various challenges related to modelling, fashion, and personal branding. Each week, one or more contestants are eliminated until one remains, being crowned as "Gotneskan's Next Elite Model".


The show was originally released on October 7, 2015, and has since produced seven seasons with a total of 105 episodes as of its latest season. Despite its niche genre, it has managed to attract a sizeable audience in Gotneska and beyond due to its unique content and engaging presentation.


The show has been presented by Bella van der Berg since 2020. Her charisma and engaging presence have contributed significantly to the popularity and success of the series. Bella has become synonymous with the show, with her critique and guidance forming a significant part of the series' appeal.

Host/Judge Panel

Name Occupation 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Elin Ólafsdóttir Model
Bella van der Berg Supermodel
Judge Panel
Fiona Ó Súilleabháin Fashion Journalist
Áine Ní Ghallchóir Model/Next Elite Model Champion

Series overview

Season Year Host Winner Runner-up(s)
1 2015 Elin Ólafsdóttir Áine Ní Ghallchóir Íonait Ræjáví
2 2016 Emelía Sigurðardóttir
3 2017
4 2018
5 2019 Siobhán Ní Cheathain Sorcha-Niamh Áonaighacht
6 2020 Bella van der Berg
7 2021 Alici Shmitz
8 2022 Solveig Gunnarsen Helena Jansen
9 2023
Second Chance (S10) 2024*
  • Season 10 is scheduled to be releslised in Spring of 2024


The show is unique in its bilingual presentation, with episodes being broadcast in both Götaish and Meallaigian. This linguistic choice reflects the diverse cultural makeup of Gotneska and has broadened the show's appeal beyond Götaish and Meallaigian-speaking audiences.


"Gotneskan's Next Elite Model" has been well-received both in Gotneska and internationally. The series' compelling narrative structure, combined with its unique cultural insights, have contributed to its popularity. Critics have praised the series for its compelling representation of the competitive world of fashion modeling, as well as its commitment to showcasing the diverse culture of Gotneska.


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