Het Fullermagt

Het Fullermagt
Country Variota
AllegianceEast Variotan Association for Adult Entertainers and Actors
TypeParamilitary militia
Part ofMinistry of Defence
Motto(s)We'll fill you... with bullets!
Commander of the Ferrefaaierhafen DistrictHenricus Kolewasser
Commander of the Northern DistrictsAnita Titaan
Commander of the Southern DistrictsBernaltus Grootwaterfaaier

Het Fullermagt, or The Filling Force in Anglish, is a Folke Milisie in Variota. It is funded, staffed and otherwise coupled to the East Variotan Association for Adult Entertainers and Actors, one of two associations in existence within Het Huisselant to serve the needs and demands of the adult industry. It was established in 1972, after a collection of adult businesses sought to gain the tax rebates associated with funding a Folke Milisie. The Folke Milisie was put under the control of the EVAAEA and after a month of recruiting among its members, Het Fullermagt started with one-thousand members under the leadership of Fokke Fingerlikker, a brothel owner that had previously served in the HAP as a Foorste Lantleiter.

Nowadays, Het Fullermagt commands a force of fifteen-thousand men and women. It is seen as an effective and relatively well-equipped Folke Milisie, operating surplus vehicles bought off of the KRF and the HAP. Part of this effectiveness is attributed to the nature of the members' professions and the need to be able to defend themselves during said work, Het Fullermagt is deemed to have some of the most motivated members among the Folke Milisies. While it is rare, members of Het Fullermagt have occasionally been recruited into armed security and private military companies.

It is not uncommon to see members of Het Fullermagt work in unison with police forces during large events, providing additional security. In order to serve in such a capacity, Het Fullermagt was granted a license to operate as 'independent contractors' by the Ministry of Defence. Additionally, many of their employers keep members of Het Fullermagt om hand as security. Rumors about members serving as security being particularly rough have never materialized and are often dismissed by the courts as a way for defendants to seek a lower sentence.

Het Fullermagt maintains good relations and shares certain facilities with its West Variotan Association for Adult Entertainers and Actors' equivalent, the Staalen Paalen. They hold yearly war games where strategies are discussed and tested, first jokingly called the Skimpylympics by Het Waarre Raket fan het Noorten in 1982 due to the large amount of exercises done in minor amounts of clothing. Since 1988, these war games have been broadcast as pay-per-view events under the name Skimpylympics. The Skimpylympics broadcast rights are currently held by TRASH Television.

Beyond the Skimpylympics, funds are raised through the sale of merchandise. It is unknown how much Het Fullermagt manages to brings in with this, although Commander Grootwaterfaaier mentioned in 2018 that 'those hoodies won't be bringing us new equipment'.