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Federal Republic of Hveradalur

Sambandslýðveldið Hveradal
Flag of Hveradalur
Coat of arms of Hveradalur
Coat of arms
Motto: All for the Republic!
StatusIndependent State
and largest city
Official languagesEnsku (Anglish), Norðurskandi
Recognized languagesSørskandinavien, Vestslavisk
GovernmentFederal Parliamentary Republic
• Federal President
Askja Eskelson
• Federal Chancellor
Gréta Bjerk
• President of the Alþingi
Ástríður Aaberg
• Tribal States of the Hveradalur
• Empire of Ahrana
150BCE - 1565CE
• Kingdom of Ahrana
1565CE - 1805CE
• Elevated to Kingdom Status within Ahrana
1805CE - 1908CE
• Independence Granted
• Federal Republic of Hveradalur
1910CE - Present
Gini (2021)33.2
HDI (2021)0.791
CurrencyKrone (₭)
Time zoneAhranaian Standard Time (AST)
Driving sideleft

The Federal Republic of Hveradalur is a nation located in North Central Argis, neighboured by The United Kingdom of Ahrana, The United States of Prymont, The Republic of Baltica, and The Republic of Struma. Hveradalur borders the Canamo Sea and the Unduk Lakes, where a lot of the Commerce and the Economy of Hveradalur started originally.

Hveradalur is a Federal Parliamentary Republic with the capital at Raiko in the center of the country, which has been the center of power for Hveradalur since the Empire of Ahrana took over the lands.


Tribal States of the Hveradalur

Empire of Ahrana

Kingdom of Ahrana

Status of Kingdom


Federal Republic of Hveradalur

Government & Politics

The Federal Republic of Hveradalur is a Federal, Parliamentary, Representative Democratic Republic. Federal Legislative Power is invested in the Alþingi (Parliament) which is elected through Direct Elections using the Gustov Method. The Hveradalur political system operates under a framework laid out by the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Hveradalur of 1910, which has remained barely unchanged since its inception as legal constitution.


The Executive Branch of the Government is headed by the Federal President of the Republic as the Head of State, who is supported by the Federal Chancellor of the Republic and the Government to create the entire Executive Government. The President is the final voice in all Legislative and Executive matters and does not involve themselves in the Government Directly, instead acts as the caregiver of the Government and the Republic, guiding it the way it needs to go.

The Federal Chancellor and the Government is elected from the Alþingi every four years or until a vote of no confidence is called up or the President feels the current government does not have the support of the People. The Chancellor is elected to a four-year term or till they lose support in the Alþingi or the faith of the Public. The Government is picked by the Chancellor and confirmed by the Alþingi and appointed by the President along with the Chancellor who is asked to form a Government for the Republic. The Chancellor is the Member of the Alþingi who has the most votes in an Election or has the support of the Alþingi.


The Alþingi or Parliament is the two hundred and fifty (250) Membered Assembly that is elected every four years or till an Election is called, or the President dissolves the Alþingi. The Alþingi is the highest Legislative Authority in all the Federal Republic and holds huge authority over the Regional Parliaments and Governments next to the Federal Chancellor.


The Judicial Branch of the Government is made up of the Supreme Court and other Federal Courts, along with the Regional Courts that make up the entire Judicial part of the Federal Government.