International Communist Economic Bloc

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International Communist Economic Bloc
MottoArise ye the workers of the wurld
FormationMay 1, 1972
Founded atShffahkiaville, Shffahkia
TypeEconomic union
HeadquartersRotating (1972-1978), Bogd Gioro, Fulgistan (1978-Present)
New Wurld
Budget (2019)
$36 billion NSD
18,700 (total)

The International Communist Economic Bloc (ICEB) is an economic organization founded in 1972 in cooperation between several socialist and collectivist countries of the New Wurld. The organization was founded in response to rising military tensions in Alharu, the 1969 energy crisis in Fulgistan, and the success of the CSE space program, in which many founding ICEB members had participated.[1] The ICEB provides funding, no-interest loans and material aid to member states, foreign countries in the developing wurld and private projects which will benefit public causes (arts, culture, etc.). Every three years, the members come together to discuss economic and political matters.[2]


The ICEB is an economic union between its member states that seeks to overcome the shortcomings of the planned economy, as well as to complement the indigent industries of each member state. The ICEB also endeavors to incorporate Fulgistani-style Three-Year Plans across the entire bloc, which proved challenging during the first two decades of its founding. The ICEB, in addition to being an economic organization, is also a body that seeks to foster goodwill and cooperation between member states; to this end, the members discuss military cooperation in training, equipment and possible foreign bases.[1]


The ICEB provides for both observers and associates who maintain market economies.[1]


ICEB has an executive body with several more specific committees subordinate to it, as well as a formally separate but practically involved executive committee composed of our respective supreme offices/heads of state.[1] The organization has local institutions in each country, with a small group of each member country economic advisors, to serve a dual function of a "ICEB Embassy" as well as a system for managing and enforcing ICEB policy more effectively. The global headquarters is situated in Bogd Gioro.[3]

The following committees exist to manage key industries. Essentially, these committees oversee the production (to ICEB standards), distribution and further development of their respective industries, with an Executive Committee, made up of the heads of state/heads of party of the member states, overseeing the course of the ICEB Three-Year Plans, the creation of new committees, and the allocation of resources to the organization as a whole.[4]

  • Uranium and Radioactive Materials Committee (URMC)
  • Steel and Metals Committee (SMC)
  • Automotive and Machinery Committee (AMC)
  • Weapons and Ammunition Committee (WAC)
  • Produce and Agriculture Committee (PAC)
  • Fisheries Committee (FC)
  • Energy Committee (EC)


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