Invasion of Lanada

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Operation Firecracker
Explosion2 during Grenada invasion 1983.JPEG
Bombing of a Lanadian camp.
Date9 July-5 August, 1982
Result Delamarian Victory
Lanada returns to Delamarian rule.
 Delamaria Lanada Communist Flag.jpeg Commonwealth of Lanada
Supported by
Commanders and leaders
Delamaria Robert Conover Lanada Communist Flag.jpeg Caralai Tas

The Invasion of Lanada, officially called Operation Firecracker, was a 1982 conflict between Delamaria and the Commonwealth of Lanada. Lanada had long been a territory of Delamaria since 1882, however in 1949 during the collapse of the nationalist government Lanada declared independence and reinstated its monarch. The monarchy was very corrupt and Delamarian business intrests were rarely effected, however in 1979 a socialist government headed by Caralai Tas came into power and overthrew the monarchy. They effectively shut off the country from foreign businesses, only allowing some investment from local socialist countries.