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Layton Walker

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Layton Walker
Walker in 1979
Layton John Leigh Walker

25 May 1934
Died14 April 2001
Known forBeing the first man to reach the summit of Monjara

Layton John Leigh Walker (b; 25 May 1934-14 April 2001) was a Delamarian mountaineer who took part in the Monjara Delta Expedition in 1974, being known as the first man to step foot on the summit of Mount Monjara. He was also one of two of the climbers that took part in the expedition, along with native sherpa Rohit Sinkhada, to survive.

Born in Yorkerdam, Walker was introduced to mountaineering as well as rock climbing during his time in secondary education, by his father who was also a famous mountaineer, who also tried during his life to climb Mount Monjara. He was trained by climbing some of Argis' largest peaks with his father during his teenage years, which taught him to be one of Eurth's most elite climbers.

Early Life and Education


Reaching the Summit


Life After