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Mount Monjara

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Mount Monjara
माउन्ट मोन्जारा
Mount Monjaraa.jpg
Photo from 2016, Monjara from a distance
Highest point
Elevation7,963 m (26,125 ft)
Etymology"Mother's Peak of the World"
Screenshot 2022-01-19 195028.png
Location of Mount Monjara.
LocationCentral Mahana
Parent rangeSamripe Mountain Range

Mount Monjara (Mahanan: माउन्ट मोन्जारा) is one of Eurth's highest mountains above sea level (7,963m). Located in the Kirulal-Numpandi sub-region of the Samripes. Monjara attracts many climbers, including highly experienced mountaineers. There are two main climbing routes, one approaching the summit from the southeast and the other from the north. While not posing substantial technical climbing challenges on the standard route, Monjara presents dangers such as altitude sickness, weather, and wind, as well as significant hazards from avalanches. As of 2018, over 250 people have died on Monkjara, many of whose bodies remain on the mountain.

The first attempts to climb the mountain were by Orinese mountaineers, as Mahanan Authorities only allowed foreigners to climb the mountain at the time. Many attempts were made by the Orinese, however it was much later in 1974 that the first expedition, the Monjara Delta Expedition, managed to reach the summit of Monjara, however 12 of the 14 climbers that reached the summit died on the way down the mountain. The man credited for being the first to reach the summit is Layton Walker, who according to accounts was the first to step foot on the summit.


The Mahanan name for Monjara is 'Viśvakō āmākō' or 'Mothers Peak'





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