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Screenshot 2022-01-03 162139.png
The word "Mahanan" written in Ghobaran script.
Native to Mahana
Native speakers
c. 30 million+ (2012)
Early form
Standard forms
Common Mahanan
Official status
Official language in
Regulated byMahan Academny
Language codes
ISO 639-1ma
ISO 639-2mah
ISO 639-3mah
Major Mahanan speaking populations.png
A map of the major Mahanan speaking areas in Central Orient.
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Mahanan is a Europan language part of the Oriental-Thalassan group, part of the Tseiamit sub-group. The language is the officially spoken language in Mahana, with an estimated 28 million native speakers. It is the official language and lingua franca of Mahana as well as an official language in Kotowari. It is also recognised as a regionally spoken language in both Namdatka and Mekabiri. It is spoken throughout Mahana, even within smaller ethnic groups with sub-languages, as well as by around a quarter of the population of Namdatka. It is also spoken in Delamaria by the Delamarian Army Durkha as well as by the rest of the Mahanan diaspora around the wurld.

The origins of the language originate from the Sikron Valley in southern Mahana.

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Copper Inscription in the old Khaddic form of Mahanan.


Geographical Distribution





Mahanan vowel phonemes
Front Central Back
Close i ĩ u ũ
Close-mid e o
Open-mid ʌ ʌ̃
Open a ã



Mahanan consonant vowels
Bilabial Dental Alveolar Retroflex Palatal Velar Glottal
Nasal m ⟨म⟩ n ⟨न/ञ⟩ (ɳ ⟨ण⟩) ŋ ⟨ङ⟩
voiceless unaspirated p ⟨प⟩ t ⟨त⟩ t͡s ⟨च⟩ ʈ ⟨ट⟩ k ⟨क⟩
aspirated ⟨फ⟩ ⟨थ⟩ t͡sʰ ⟨छ⟩ ʈʰ ⟨ठ⟩ ⟨ख⟩
voiced unaspirated b ⟨ब⟩ d ⟨द⟩ d͡z ⟨ज⟩ ɖ ⟨ड⟩ ɡ ⟨ग⟩
aspirated ⟨भ⟩ ⟨ध⟩ d͡zʱDevanagari jh old.svg/झ⟩ ɖʱ ⟨ढ⟩ ɡʱ ⟨घ⟩
Fricative s ⟨श/ष/स⟩ ɦ ⟨ह⟩
Rhotic r ⟨र⟩
Approximant (w ⟨व⟩) l ⟨ल⟩ (j ⟨य⟩)

Writing System