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Mahanan people, Mahanans
Mahana Diaspora Map 4.png
Regions with significant populations
 Orioniaround 400,050

Mahanans (Anglish: Mahani; महानन) are the citizens and people from Mahana under the provisions of Mahanan nationality law. Mahana is home to people of many different ethnic groups and backgrounds who are the descendants of immigrants from central Europa, Kotowari and Mekabiri. The term Mahanans (Mahani) is the nationality referred only to the people with citizenship of Mahana while the people without Citizenship but has roots in Mahana are strictly referred to as Mahanan Speaking Foreigners.



Continental Europa is home to by far the largest population of Mahanans in the world. Significant populations on the continent include in Mahana, around 28,900,000 Mahanans, Kotowari with around 3,405,400, Mekabiri with 1,994,000, Tamurin with just under a million, Orioni with around 400,000 and Tagmatium with a population of about 150,000 Mahanans. Other smaller populations exist in regions such as Mantella and San Ba.


Argis is home to a small population of Mahanans, notably in Delamaria who have been accepting Mahanan citizens for over a century, and a large amount of that population can be attributed to the presence of the iconic Delamarian Army Durkha. Another major population on the continent is in Hinterlands, with a population of 201,504.