Ranjekaat, waar het rifier gaat en staat!
Ranjekaat, where the river goes and flows!
ProvinceNoort Reegenplaats
First land claim1462
Founded byFons Quintis Ferrefaaier-Mesijnerkamp
 • MayorLeonart Boerlant (Waarre Laagher Partij fan Het Huisselant)
 • Total424,370

Ranjekaat, colloquially Het Kaatje, is a city and municipality in Eastern Variota, located in the province of Noort Reegenplaats. It is the largest city of the province, with a population of 424,370. Ranjekaat is the largest riverine port of Variota, handling a majority of Variotan-Bahinese trade, and one of the larger sea ports of Variota in general. Ranjekaat is one of the oldest cities of Variota and maintains a rich history and culture because of it.


The name Ranjekaat means orange wharf and comes from the historic trade with Bahinar. Situated at the end of the Ranje river, Ranjekaat was and remains situated favorably as last stop before reaching the Adlantic Ocean. Variotan riverine traders would arrive with their Bahinese goods, such as mango's and spices, and sell their goods in Ranjekaat, where it could easily be hauled onto seagoing vessels for domestic and international trade. Due to the color of the mango's and spices and the fact that hauling the goods occasionally went wrong, the wharves were said to turn a slight shade of orange and thus, the name Ranjekaat was born. The city was officially renamed in 1592 from Fonsstatt to Ranjekaat in honor of the riverine trade that ensured the city's wealth.


The current economy of Ranjekaat remains focused on riverine and sea trade, handling domestic goods from the area near the Ranje river and a majority of the Variotan-Bahinese trade. However, in recent years, the local government has attempted to stimulate economic diversity. The construction of the Rinus Ranje Jr. Domestic Airport in 2003 was one of the projects through which the local government sought to do this, stimulating domestic tourism and air cargo movements, although the limited amount of domestic routes has ensured that it did not have the intended impact on the local economy.

The Boogspanner Shipyards are one of the larger and most visible employers of the city, maintaining a large civilian shipyard and a ship repair yard in Ranjekaat. It maintains various contracts with the Faai'nere Marienemagt and the Variotan Coast Guard to maintain their vessels and the Boogspanner Shipyards has worked on iconic vessels such as the FMS Huisselant's Gloorie and the FMS Huisselant's Magt.