Arab Republic of Sayf

جمهورية السيف العربية
Flag of Sayf
Motto: "Bialssayf li'ann alssayf!"
Anthem: Mawtini
StatusIndependent State
and largest city
Official languagesArabic
Shia Islam
GovernmentPresidential republic
• President
Ali Al-Karim
• Overthrow of Sultan Abd Al-Sayfi
• First Presidential Election
• 2018 census
GDP (nominal)estimate
• Total
• Per capita
CurrencyDinar (SRD)
Time zoneUTC-2
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy
Driving sideright

The Arab Republic of Sayf is a country located on the continent of Argis.


The Arab Republic of Sayf was founded in 1904 after the overthrowing of Sultan Abd Al-Sayfi by Tariq Qasim who reformed the country by implementing a temporary constitution which gave equal rights and freedom of speech to all, and economic reforms that allowed the nation to open up to the global market. Two years later on October 6th, 1906 the country experienced its first democratic elections which elected the president Qasim, the man who led the coup against the Sultan and the parliamentary elections were also held with the National Democratic Party (Social Democrats) leading with the majority of the seats. Two years later, the country experienced a massive boost of wealth after the discovery of oil in the nation, the nation was previously poor and mostly consisted of fisherman and farmers but with the oil boom an influx of universities, schools, and new infrastructure projects were built along with the rapid industrialization and urbanization in the country.

In the mid-1950's the country began investing heavily in the manufacturing of general goods and exporting those goods as a means to diversify the economy along with the effort for the military funding locally based arms manufacturing companies which led to the extremely competitive Sayfi arms market. Marijuana was made legal in the country due to the massive amounts of illegal hashish production in the rural areas. In the 1970's militant groups in the rural areas prompted a new conscription law that enforces a mandatory 6-month time to be served in the military, with this law the Sayfi military was able to wipe out the militant groups by 1988.

Since 1988, the country maintains it's conscription law but has been mainly conflict-free, but former members of the military use their training to join paramilitary forces which are available to hire by anybody who may need them. The current president Ali Al-Karim was elected in 1996 and has been recently reelected for his 3rd term in 2016 due to his massive popularity among the people. He is the head of the National Democratic Party which holds 58% of the seats in parliament.

Quick Insight into Social Stances within Sayf

  • Abortion: Abortion is permitted if continuing the pregnancy would put the mother's life in real danger. This is the only reason accepted for abortion after 120 days of the pregnancy.
  • Racism: Frowned upon
  • Drugs: Some are legal, some aren't
  • Homosexuality: Legal
  • Other Religions: Freedom of religion
  • Animal testing: Allowed, but regulated
  • Human Rights: Equal rights for all
  • Genetic Research: Allowed, but regulated
  • Euthanasia: Illegal
  • Eugenics: Illegal
  • Divorce: Legal
  • Contraception: Legal

Sayfi Parliament

  • National Democratic Party - 45
  • Republican Left of Sayf - 20
  • Conservative Action Party - 19
  • Islamic Brotherhood of Sayf - 10
  • Sayfi Revolutionary Party - 12
  • Libertarian Liberation Party - 2
  • Baath Party - 13