Confederal Republic of Youtabonia

Flag of Youtabonia
Official languagesAnglish
• President
Bailey Sawyer


The word Youtabonia comes from its plural Youtabonians, which is rooted in ancient Verusian meaning "Southern Invaders", Youkta- meaning "Southern" and -banians meaning "Invaders", so going off of this, Youtabonia would mean something similar "Southern Invader Lands". Modern archaeology has revealed that the Culture and Ethnicity/Race known as Youtabonian seemed to arrived in modern-day Youtabonia around 200 C.E when they invaded by land and sea from the south to east of what was Verusia, but it is unknown where they originated from exactly.


Youtabonian History begins with Christian invaders from Eastern Europa flooded into the area of modern northern Youtabonia, known then as Verusia from the south around 200 C.E. The pagan Verusian were quickly routed from the coast as the people they called Youktabanians set up their own kingdoms. The Youktabanian and Verusian kingdoms remained in a near constant state of war well into the early years of the 1000's except for the mixed kingdom of Walre. The Youktabanian kingdom of Roan united the Youktabanian kingdoms by war and married the Queen of Walre in 1015 into the First Youtabonian Empire under Christopher I. While the descendants of Christopher I proved incapable of defeating the Verusians, they did succeed in Christianizing the Verusians.


Youtabonia is made up of the mainland and five major islands. The islands in order from largest to smallest, August Island, Adams Island, North Island (disputed), Eagle Island, and Gardner Island. Most of the nation being subtropical highland with the rest having a humid subtropical climate. Much of the nation is covered by low, rolling forest-covered mountains and the surrounding and hilly Piedmont regions. The coastal plains cover much of the islands, which are low, open areas sparsely populated by more tropical like trees.



Youtabonian Anglish is the official language of Youtabonia and is spoke by 98% of the population as a first language. Youtabonian English is a dialect most similar to the dialect of Southern-Americans, making it a contraction heavy dialect, such as "can't, won't, and ain't". Words ending in "-ing" rarely having the g pronounced, leading to words sounding like "makin', havin', burnin' and bein'" though they would be spelled with the g.


Religion in Youtabonia is very decentralized and is dominated by Protestantism. There is no official religion in the country, because of secular government traditions. People who identify as religious are very secular through their lives, many not attending organized churches. Baptist: 45% Presbyterian: 25% Atheist: 15% Minor Protestants: 15% Juddish:2% Roman Catholic: 2% Other: 1%

Race and Ethnicity

Race wise, Youtabonia is rather homogeneous, with Caucasians making up around 90% of the population. In order from largest to small they go; Caucasians: 89% African-Youtabonian: 5% Verusian (Natives): 2% Asian: 2% Middle Eastern: 1% Latino:1% Ethnicity is also very homogeneous within the Caucasian population, with Youtabonian making up around 85%. Around 14% of the remainder is Verusian.


Youtabonia is a federal republic, with the largest power belonging to the national government with the state governments having large say in internal policy. The Federal government is divided into the Legislative, Executive, and Judicial Branches. The Senate is the upper house with each state having equal representatives and the lower house decided by population. This is done to protect the states and the people of smaller areas within the states.

  • Executive: Is led by the President of Youtabonia, handles all foreign affairs and serves as Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces. The current President is Bailey Sawyer.
  • Legislative: Creates and votes on laws for the nation.

Congress- Upper House of the Branch, led by the Vice President and President Pro-tempore who has the power to use a tie-breaking vote. The current Vice-President is Christopher Turner and President Pro-tempore is Christopher Adams House of Representatives-Lower House of the Branch, led by the Speaker of the House, a Representative who is voted for by the majority party to lead the proceedings of the Branch. The Speaker of the House is McKenzie McDonald.

  • Judicial: Constitutional Courts are the highest circuit of courts. The constitutionality of disputed laws is decided here along with court cases of constitutional importance or conflict. The current Chief Justice is Tony Latham III.

Political Parties of Youtabonia

There are only two major parties in Youtabonia, but switched starting in the mid-1930s. This re-consolidation started to occur by 1936 as the Free Party and Liberal Parties. both moderate, failed to solve the problems of the Great Depression led to the rise of the National Conservatives and the Social Alliance, by the 1940 election they had surpassed the two traditional parties with an "unholy" coalition ruling Youtabonia led by President Tillman, a member of the Social Alliance was chosen bitterly by the N.C to keep the coalition alive till the 1948 election, when the coalition was severed and the S.A beat the N.C, leading to the start of the new two-party system.

National Conservatives: Center Right to Far Right. They have maintained the House of Representatives since the 1980s and the Presidency for much of its existence. The policies of the party are free to trade, military expansion, low taxes, protection of free speech and gun rights, pro-life, and traditional values. They are the largest party in Youtabonia, and after the 2012 elections, they control all branches of government, repealing all of the laws and policies of the last Social Alliance Presidency. The N.C relies on the older voting base but is slowly making inroads to the new millennial base.

The Free Party and The Liberal Party: While separate parties, they are viewed by the Youtabonian people as nearly identical. They both are made up of both Right and Left Centrists with moderate policies. The long rivalry of the two has been forgotten in their attempts to keep power. To many their moderate policies fall on deaf ears as they do not take clear sides on important issues.

Social Alliance: Center to the Far Left. Their agenda lies close to Democratic Socialism, with high taxes, free healthcare, environmental protection, LGBT rights, social justice, and gun control. The second largest party in Youtabonia, they have fought to help take control of the Senate and presidency, where their chances are best. Following the 2016 elections however, they have gained in the HoR and lost in the Senate, an unprecedented change. As most of this Party lies in the left, they oppose the N.C agenda, where their lies in the complete opposite. They dominate the ideology of millennials, but this control is loosing after the failure of their last Presidency. The party continues to drift further left.


Youtabonia follows the idea of "peace through aggression and strength." This means that the military forces can and will be used abroad to protect Youtabonian interests and greater peace. In order to support this system, defense dominates federal and state spending, making up around 57% of the federal budgets. Military service is mandatory for all 18-21 year old's. A militia doctrine has been adopted, with states maintain their own militias, which are independent from government control, unless it is requested by the federal government. Private militias are encouraged as a way to encourage defense and continue military service.