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2020 Gungkoshi train collision

2020 Gungkoshi train collision
General view of Gungkoshi train collision
A general view of people by the wreckage after two passenger trains collided close to Gungkoshi.
Date9 May 2020
12:15 p.m. local time
(12:15 UTC) [1]
LocationGungkoshi, Yangan Governorate
LineXincheng-Gungkoshi Line
OperatorHeiheren Railway Authority
Incident typeCollision
CauseUser errora
Deaths30b [1]
Injuries52 [1]
a Originally believed to be a brake malfunction, but the conductor later admitted to falling asleep while on the job.[2]
b 4 more have died because of complications due to the accident.

The Gungkoshi train collision occurred on 9 May 2020. The accident occured at the edges of the Yangan Governorate, at a small station out in the suburbs. The official death toll has increased and might increase further. One of the trains was going southward to Xincheng, the capital of the country. Reportedly, two of the victims of the accident were Esonian tourists.


Two trains – one traveling from Port Gungkoshi and the other from Xincheng – crashed one into the rear of the other at 12:15 pm local time, killing 30 people and injuring another 52.


On May 9, President Chen Jiang, after giving his condolences towards the victims and their families, ordered the State Peacekeeper Force to investigate and identify the cause of the accident and hold those responsible to account.[1]

Shengren Hei Jingyi expressed his condolences towards the victims' families. On May 10, he gave a response to comfort those who were grieving by saying, "All those who believed have passed on in this disaster are now in the afterlife with their loved ones." He later also commented that, "everyone in the hospital right now, who truly believes in the church and State, shall make a full recovery." Since then, four people in critical condition have passed on.[2]

On May 10, spokesman of the Peacekeeper force, Li Feng, announced at SPF CONFERENCE 10052020-01 that the cause of the accident had been found. Originally claimed to have been a brake malfunction by the conductor of the moving train, the SPF found that the true cause was the conductor's lack of attention while on the job. Despite the ruling out of a mechanical failure, President Hei Jingyi announced that he planned to put forth a new act to increase the budget for the Ministry of Transport.[2]

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