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Memopotamia is a historical region of southwestern Europa.


Reception of the Aroman Ambassadors (1511)

The pars pro toto name Memopotamia (/ˌmɛməpəˈteɪmiə/) comes from the classical Aroman combination of memor ("remembering") + potamos ("river"). This translated roughly as "the remembering river(lands", an allusion to the old cities on a river with long-lasting memories.

When the Aroman Empire came into existence the Memopotapian civilisations were already ancient. The Memopotamian city-states collected and guarded all the knowledge on known Eurth. While nations died and old regions grew arid, the Memopotamians preserved what each nation had contributed to the common heritage of mankind. The cities of Librylon and Urucademia to be regarded as capitals of knowledge and learning, in part because of respectively the House of Wisdom and Great Library.

According to earlier sources, the people referred to their region as the Land of Shinar ("two cities").


Memopotamia is a subcontinent in southwestern Europa, home to several extinct and extant nations.




  • Explorations into Marenesia
  • Hereskus Empire
  • Hakkad
  • Relationship with Amutia and Aroma
  • Salam