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Bureman Incident

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The 1798 Bureman Incident
Part of The Mahanan-Mekabirian War
Bureman Incident.jpg
A depiction of the Durkha holding onto Bodmon Hill, in the village of Bureman during the incident.
Date24th November 1798
DeathsNo precise figures exist, estimates vary from hundreds to several thousands, both military and civilians
VictimsCitizens of Bureman
PerpetratorsDurkha Badge.jpg Durkhas (Multiple Regiments)
Mahanan Army Bade 1798.png Mahanan Royal Army

The 1798 Bureman Incident, otherwise known as the Bureman Incident or the November 24th Incident, (Mahanan: Barmana skvāyara ghaṭanā, बर्मन स्क्वायर घटना) was a military campaign in the village of Bureman, present day Mekabiri, which lead to the beginning of the Mahanan-Mekabirian War. Mahanan troops and Durkha armed with rifles and similar weaponry entered the small village after reports of a mass revolt. It ended in soldiers unleashing on the people of the village, with an estimated 300-2,000 fatalities. A majority of the fatalities came from Mekabirians living in the village, with the government of Mekabiri making claims that the soldiers involved targeted their people.



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