Careleon Plateau

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Geography of the Careleon Plateau
030719 CG tibetan-plateau Feat.jpg
ContinentEuropa, Orient
RegionWestern Mahana
Highest point4,123m
Lowest point64m

The Careleon Plateau (Mahanan: Samatalā Paṭhāra/समतला पठार|Carelitan:ཨརེལེཨོན་ ལཏེཨཽ་) is a vast flat plateau in Europa, mostly within Namdatka but spreading into countries such as Mahana, Mekabiri and a small part of Mantella. The plateau is known for it's lack of life and difficult climate. Despite this the plateau is historically home to many different ethnic groups, notably the Koshi and Gaimreti peoples of Mahana and the Namdatkan people.


Geography and Key Features