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Littland EliteLiga.png
First season1987
Number of teams12
Level on pyramid1
Relegation toSerie 1
Domestic cup(s)Littland Cup
Current championsFK Aalhavn (7th title)
Most championshipsGistrup IF (9 titles)
Most appearancesMarcus Petersen (471)
Top goalscorerCarl Richard Mogensen (201)
TV partnersLTV
Kanal 2 & SportTV

The Littish EliteLiga is the Littish football championship tournament and is administered by the Littish Football Association (LFU). It is the top football league in Littland and consists of 12 teams, with two teams relegated each year.


In 2001, the Littish Football Association announced they were working on restructuring the league that would be in effect for the 2002-2003 season. The new structure divided the season into 2 parts. The first part of the season is seeing teams play against each other like the previous structure, but for the second part of the season, the top 4 and bottom 4 teams are separated into cups where they play for the championship and relegation, respectively. Unlike the previous structure, this means that there are no unimportant matches as has happened in previous seasons, where the last match of the season could be played and has no effect on the final standing. The new structure was meant to improve the quality and importance of each match, along with other minor changes to how the league operates.

Current teams

Club Finishing position
last season
Championships Last title
FK Aalhavn 1st 7 2021
Gistrup IF 2nd 9 2017
F.C. Rødskov 3rd 2 2015
Kaslund BK 4th 5 2019
Fangel FK 5th 0 -
FC Frankerup 6th 5 2020
HB 7th 3 2009
Aadal FK 8th 0 -
FC Klintrup 9th 0 -
Lerte BK 10th 3 2018
LyndBK 11th 1 2008
F.C. Tirslund 12th 0 -


Only shows seasons with the current structure. There were 16 seasons prior to the 2002 structure change.

Season Gold
Silver Bronze
2020-21 FK Aalhavn Gistrup IF F.C. Rødskov
2019–20 FC Frankerup Kaslund BK Lerte BK
2018–19 Kaslund BK F.C. Rødskov Fangel FK
2017–18 Lerte BK Gistrup IF F.C. Rødskov
2016–17 Gistrup IF Lerte BK Kaslund BK
2015–16 Gistrup IF FC Klintrup LyndBK
2014–15 F.C. Rødskov Kaslund BK FK Aalhavn
2013–14 Lerte BK Gistrup IF HB
2012–13 FK Aalhavn Kaslund BK Gistrup IF
2011–12 FK Aalhavn Gistrup IF Kaslund BK
2010–11 FC Frankerup Kaslund BK LyndBK
2009–10 Gistrup IF HB F.C. Rødskov
2008–09 HB FC Klintrup Kaslund BK
2007–08 LyndBK FK Aalhavn FC Frankerup
2006–07 Kaslund BK Gistrup IF HB
2005–06 Gistrup IF FC Frankerup FK Aalhavn
2004–05 FC Frankerup F.C. Rødskov Kaslund BK
2003–04 Gistrup IF Lerte BK Kaslund BK
2002–03 FC Frankerup Kaslund BK F.C. Rødskov

Notable players

All-Time topscorers

Rank Topscorer Goals
1 Carl Richard Mogensen 201
2 Karsten Skov 159
3 Nis Vinter 145
4 Flemming Poul Lange 139
5 Heino Svendsen 135
6 Samuel Henriksen 126
7 Nicolai Sørensen 124
8 Marcus Petersen 109
9 Uffe Strøm 107
10 Thorsten Lind 91