Bravo Broadcasting

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Bravo Broadcasting
Traded asKSE: BRB
IndustryMass media
Area served
Key people
Karina Skovgaard, CEO
ProductsBroadcasting - Web portals - Video on demand
ServicesTelevision - Online - Film production - Television production
Revenue$19.71 billion (2021)
Number of employees
10,492 (2021)
DivisionsKanal 2
Kanal X
Regional TV:
  • BravoStar
  • BravoOrange
  • BravoPurple
  • BravoGreen
  • BravoYellow
  • BravoBlue
  • BravoRed

Bravo Broadcasting is a mass media company based in Littland. It is Littlands largest media company by overall size and its flagship Kanal 2 serves as the primary competitor with the national public-service LTV.


Kanal 2

The main channel of Bravo. It shows entertainment shows, films and documentaries, evening news, national sport events and weather programs as well as Bravos own productions.


Launched in 1997, SportTV is Littlands most popular sports channel. Covering all matters of sport events, most notably the domestic EliteLiga, national and international sport events.


Channel for breaking news, documentaries, live debates and talk shows. It was launched in 2002.

Kanal X

A youth focused channel launched in 2006. Features various shows, films and airs kids shows in the hours 05:00-09:00 and 15:00-18:00.

Regional Channels

Channel State Littland BravoRegional.png
BravoStar Kaslund
BravoOrange Sønderland
BravoPurple Varborg
BravoGreen Guldstrup
BravoYellow Solbjerg
BravoBlue Tystrup
BravoRed Rødholm


BravoNetwork is a subscription-based streaming service launched in 2007. It has a large variety of shows, TV series and movies as well as all productions Bravo has created, making it quite an extensive library.

It is the most wide-spread and popular streaming service in Littland.