Kingdom of Koku

อาณาจักรโคคุ (Bhai)
Coat of arms
Coat of arms
Motto: Work smart, work hard, care and share
Anthem: Phleng Chat Kho Khu
Official languagesBhai (ภาษาไท)
Ethnic groups
GovernmentAbsolute monarchy
• Monarch
• Estimate
CurrencyKokian Pad
Driving sideright
Internet TLD.ko

The Kingdom of Koku (Kho Khu) is a very large, devout nation, notable for its compulsory military service. Its compassionate, hard-working population have some civil rights, but not too many, enjoy the freedom to spend their money however they like, to a point, and take part in free and open elections, although not too often.



Situated in Oriental Europa. Between the Jasmine Sea (west) and Paraia Bay (west). Northern border defined by the Golden River. Neighbours: Jaihu (northwest), Ide Jima (northeast), San Ba (east), Rekamgil (south), Youtabonia and Mirian Republic (west). Cities: Okopolis (capital), Amaro, Chaa-Umm.


Kohmur army going to war against Jaihu, 12th Century.
Napa Vudht, leader of the 1816 revolution. Photo 1830.


The government is spending millions on renovating the public transportation system, the upper class have been throwing riots after hunting was recently banned, the mining industry is making inroads into environmentally sensitive areas, and only "organics" are permitted to be citizens. The large government juggles the competing demands of Education, Law & Order, and Religion & Spirituality.


Spirit Way to the Vudht Royal mausoleum complex.

House of Vudht rules since 1816.

  • Napa I the Great (1816-1840s) established the kingdom
  • Napa II (1840s-1860s)
  • Napa III (1860s-1880s)
  • Napa IV (1880s-1900)
  • Napa V (1900s-1920s)
  • Napa VI (1920s-1940s)
  • Napa VII the Wise (1940s-1960s) led the transition to independence from Ide Jima
  • Napa VIII (1960s-1982)
  • Napa IX (13 February 1982 - 18 May 2008)
  • Napa X (19 May 2008 - present)


Koku Defence Force.

Notable for its compulsory military service.


A powerhouse of a private sector is led by the Pizza Delivery industry, followed by Automobile Manufacturing and Information Technology. Roads are often backed up with round-the-clock construction crews, drug distribution is tightly controlled by the government, CDs are regularly copy-protected, and skateparks can be found in every city. The average income tax rate is 33%, but much higher for the wealthy.


Minority children spend hours bussing to schools miles away from home, voting has become a nightmare since everyone keeps selecting "None of the above", child labor has been outlawed, and meat-eating is frowned upon.


Crime -- especially youth-related -- is well under control, thanks to the all-pervasive police force and progressive social policies in education and welfare. Koku's national animal is the elephant, which teeters on the brink of extinction due to widespread deforestation. The elephant is a symbol of huge strength and stature, wisdom and courage. In heraldry, it is a very appropriate bearing for those who have distinguished themselves in the Orient.