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Capital City
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Clockwise from top, Downtown skyline, Labrador City Hall, Commonwealth Congress, Pritchett House, Pritchett Memorial and Rememberence Hall, Delamarian Museum.
 • TypeCity Government
 • MayorHenry Devonport (Liberal)
 • Total1,101,900

The City of Labrador is the capital and third-largest city in the Commonwealth of Delamaria. It is located along the Talbot river in the State of Labrador. The city was named after the colony of Labradoria, of which it was designated the capital in 1778. The city is home to all branches of the federal government, as the Commonwealth Congress, Supreme Court and Pritchett House.

With 1.1 million residents, it is the third-largest city in Delamaria, smaller than only Yorkerdam and Alberta. The City is made up of many distinct areas, ranging from the dense downtown central business district, to the Federal District, to the large wealthy suburbs in the southern region of the city.



The first settlements located in what is now Labrador was a fishing village named Port Talbot, named after Captain Archibald Talbot an Anglian explorer who also discovered the Talbot River, founded in 1515 by Anglian settlers fleeing the settlement of Carlsville after attacks by natives. The town would later be named Labrador in 1526 after explorer Jorge Lavrador, from which the name Labradoria is sourced.

In 1530 an Anglian census put the population at around 500. This stunted growth compared to the larger settlements of Rhodeport to the south was due to the swampish landscape surrounding the town, minimising agriculture and making the area unattractive to settlers, however when shipping drastically increased along the river Talbot the town gained significance and soon a port was constructed on the shore. In 1570 the Lysian architect Francis Debonnaire arrived in the city, on a mission from the Anglian court to find a location for a new capital for the newly formed Dominion of Labradoria.