Lysian Columbia

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Colonial Empire of Lysian Columbia

Columbie Lysianne
Flag of Lysian Columbia
Lysian Columbia in 1805, indicated in blue.
Common languagesLysian
Demonym(s)Lysian Columbian, Columbian.
• 1778-1819
King Charles the 1st
• 1804-1819
Chancellor Jacques Monroe
LegislatureImperial Parliament
House of the Nobility
House of Commoners
• Independence from Lysia
6 July 1778
1 January 1819
CurrencyColumbian Franc
Today part of

Lysian Columbia, or officially the Colonial Empire of Lysian Columbia, was a country in Argis from 1778 when it gained independence from Lysia, to 1819, when it joined the Second Federation of Delamaria, or modern day Delamaria.

Following the Delamarian War of 1804, in which Lysian Columbia was defeated by Labradoria, it was forced to cede the Port of Bodmonton and its surrounding to Labradoria, and allow the area of Fravina its independence. These secessions led to major economic and social problems in Lysian Columbia, with little confidence in the government from the aristocratic class and the general populace, the Lysian Columbian King decided to integrate Lysian Columbia into Delamaria. The Royal family retained its land holdings and its many palaces, though sold much of their holdings in the 20th century.