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Mahana-EOS Relations

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Entente of Oriental States-Mahana relations



Mahana is not a member of the Entente of Oriental States, however is associated through their role as an Observer State as well as small bilateral treaties that Mahana has signed with the Entente. All of Mahana's surrounding neighbours are all either members or associates of the EOS.

Future Status

It has been debated for over 10 years whether or not Mahana may join the EOS, since the appointment of Ranju Bastola as the nation's Prime-Minister. Bastola vowed to help break Mahana's historic isolationism. By the time Bastola began as Prime-Minister, besides from the Assembled Nations, Mahana was only a part of one international organisation as a full member, the Oriental Association for Regional Cooperation, which they had joined upon it's founding. Rumours existed for years about Bastola's fondness for the running of the Entente, and his plan to join the organisation. It was in 2017, upon the Entente's Charter which allowed the joining of Observer states, that Mahana joined the Entente as an Observer State, with bilateral treaties signed that mean that in the future they can apply for membership.

In April 2022, Bastola contacted the Minister of the Entente with his desire to become full members, and a vote has been put forward to parliament which confirmed the rumour.