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Ranju Bastola

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Prime Minister

Ranju Bastola
Ranju Bastola.jpg
Bastola in 2017
Ranju Mukta Niyogi Bastola

12 December 1944 (age 78)
Occupation4th Prime-Minister of Mahana
Height5 ft (152 cm) 7
PredecessorRanjan Byanju
Political partyMahanan Congress

Ranju Bastola (born,Ranju Mukta Niyogi Bastola; 12 December 1944) (Mahanan: रञ्जु बाँस्तोल)ा is a Mahanan politician serving as the Prime-Minister of Mahana since 2021. He has previously served three terms as prime-minister, since 2011.

Bastola grew up a Ramil speaker in Wanjogai, a town on the Mahanan-Kotowaran border. Bastola attended Veydu College of Classics and Law and read classics during his studies. He was elected President of the Veyduan Union in 1968. In 1971 he became the correspondent for the OARC as well as a writer for the newspaper 'The Samripe Times'. Following the Mahanan Civil War, Bastola became a well-known pro-Congress supporter, being elected to parliament as a member of the party in 1994.