Nasionale Flieg Maatskappij Variota

Nasionale Flieg Maatskappij Variota, operating flights under its abbreviation NFMV, is the national carrier of Variota. NFMV is headquartered at the village of Johansterp with its primary hub at the nearby Kaptein A.H. Ferrefaaier International Airport. NFMV was founded in 1938 after the Variotan government took control of two failing airlines and merged them together. Its name, Nasionale Flieg Maatskappij Variota, translates into (the) National Flight Company Variota. The Nasionale Flieg Maatskappij Variota provides domestic and international flights with destinations reaching all six inhabitated continents of Eurth.

The Nasionale Flieg Maatskappij Variota maintains a air-rail alliance with Vrein - Huisselikke Goetteren & Passagieren Transport. This allows passengers of NFMV to buy train tickets for travel within Het Huisselant at a discounted cost at the same time they book their tickets. Due to both Kaptein A.H. Ferrefaaier International Airport and Aurora Sichtlaiter Commemorative Airport maintaining an in-house railway station, the combination of air travel and train travel have seen massive popularity among returning expats and tourists with a lower budget and/or travelling around the nation.



Tellakois International Airport


Bromwich International
Newport International - Shared route with Air Reierfer


Altaria Int'
Mavini Int' - Services the city of Intreimor
Toledo-Manille Int'


Rettenmyr International