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Samripe Mountain Range

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Samripe Mountains
साम्रिपे हिमालहरू (Mahanan)
ས་མོ་རི་བོ། (Carelitan)
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The Samripe Mountains from the east camp of the peak X92
Highest point
PeakMount Monjara
Elevation7,963 m (26,125 ft)
Etymology"Mother's Peak of the World"
Satellite image of the mountains.
LocationMahana, Orient
Age of rock79 Million years

The Samripe Mountain Range, or Samripes (Mahanan: साम्रिपे हिमालहरू, Carelitan: ས་མོ་རི་བོ། | IPA: sæmɹipeɪ) are a large mountain range in Mahana that seperates the Careleon Plateau from the lowland areas of Mahana. The mountain range acts as a great source of scientific interest as well as tourist interest for Mahana.

The Samripe Mountains are home to some of Eurth's tallest mountains, including one of the tallest, Mount Monjara (7,963m). The Samripe Mountains also have 25 peaks over 6,500m which, for the size of the range, is a huge amount.


The name Samripe originates from Old Mahanan, when it meant 'Snow-Sam | Heights-Ripe'. When speaking about the mountain range, the name is often shortened to the 'Samripes'.

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