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Traded asKSE: PSL
FoundedMay 11, 1948; 76 years ago (1948-05-11)
Revenue85.64 billion Đ (2021)
Number of employees

Parsol is a public pharmaceutical company traded on the Kaslund Stock Exchange (KSE: PSL). The company was founded on 11 May 1948, making it one of the oldest established businesses in the pharmaceutical industry of Littland. Its headquarters is in Kaslund, the financial heart of the country.

As of 2021, the company generated revenue of 85.64 billion Đ, highlighting its significant presence in the pharmaceutical industry not only in Littland but also in the global market. Parsol is also a major employer in the region, with 36,890 employees as of the last reporting period.


Parsol was established on 11 May 1948 in the post-war economic boom. While the company's early years were focused primarily on the domestic market, its growth and development over the decades have led to its current status as an international entity in the pharmaceutical industry.


Parsol operates from its main headquarters in Kaslund, Littland. From this central location, the company manages its expansive operations, which include research and development, manufacturing, distribution, and marketing activities. The company's strategic operations have been instrumental in its continued growth and success.

Industry presence

As a major player in the pharmaceutical industry, Parsol is known for its vast range of pharmaceutical products and services. The company has earned a reputation for high-quality products and has significantly influenced advancements in healthcare and medicine.

Revenue and employees

In 2021, Parsol reported revenues of 85.64 billion Đ, indicating a strong and robust performance despite the challenging economic environment. This performance has made Parsol one of the most valuable companies in the pharmaceutical industry in Littland and beyond.

Parsol is also one of the largest employers in Littland, with a workforce of 36,890 employees in 2021. The company's workforce is spread across its operations in research, development, manufacturing, distribution, and other roles within the organization.

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