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Economy of Littland

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Economy of Littland
Hauptwache Frankfurt am Main.jpg
Innovation Square in Halling
CurrencyLittish daler (DAL, Đ)
Trade organisations

High-income economy
PopulationDecrease 21,254,000 (2021)
GDPIncrease 420.83 billion Int$ (nominal, 2022)
GDP growth
1.9% (2022)
GDP per capita
Increase 19,800 Int$ (nominal, 2022)
GDP by sector
Steady 3.6% (2022)
Population below poverty line
Positive decrease 11.2% in poverty
Positive decrease 17.2% at risk of poverty or social exclusion
Negative increase 39.6 medium
Steady 0.768 high
  • Positive decrease 4.9%
  • Positive decrease 11.6% youth unemployment (15 to 25 year-olds)
Main industries
ExportsIncrease 116.4 billion Int$ (2022)
Export goods
  • TBD
ImportsNegative increase 88.3 billion Int$ (2022)
Import goods
  • TBD
Increase 28.1 billion Int$ (2022)
Public finances
Negative increase 58.11% of GDP (2022)
Foster & Ajax:
AA (Domestic)
A (Foreign)
Foreign reserves
$60.3 billion (2020)

All values, unless otherwise stated, are in US dollars.

The economy of Littland is a developed mixed social market economy based in manufacturing and services that provide a high standard of living and quality of life. The economy is largely based on the service sector with almost 60% of all jobs being in service, manufacturing still plays a large role in the economy at 37% while under 3% belong to agricultural production. Littland uses its own currency, the Littish daler. The inequality of the country has been increasing over the past three decades after a considerable economic crisis in the early 1990's. This has been attributed to economic policies favoring exports and a lack of investments into small and medium sized businesses by the government.

Kaslund is the financial capital of Littland. The capital of significant economic hub and it is the primary city for business accounting for almost 30% of the national income in 2020. The city is also a hub for startup companies. Halling is considered a techonology center and the 'digital capital' of the country, with major tech companies such as NordSoft, Noxu Game Studios and TeleMax located in the city. Aalhavn and Klintrup are the two largest coastal cities in the country, located on the Amber Lake, and as such serve as major transporting hubs. The Port of Aalhavn processed 16.8 million tonnes cargo in 2016.



Tailwind Era

The years from 1954 to 1991 are called the Tailwind Years (Littish: Medvindsårene, Ruvian: Foarspoedtiid).

Economic Crisis

Economy since 2010


The Littish currency is the Littish daler, which is valued at 7.25 DAL to 1 Int$ (2021). Inflation has been fluctuating the past few decades, reaching its peak in 2003. The central bank, Littlands Nationalbank, has since then begun to relax certain rules on currency controls although the currency is not widely used internationally.






Service industry



Along with its extensive land infrastructure, Littland has 4 major international airports, the largest being Kaslund International Airport. The largest seaport in Littland is the Port of Aalhavn which had over 4,000,000 passengers pass through in 2019.


Foreign trade

Neighboring Malskia is Littlands largest trading partner.

Top trading partners for Littland (2021)
Rank Country Total trade
(millions Int$)
1 Argis Economic Cooperation Organization Malskia TBD
2 Argis Economic Cooperation Organization Walneria TBD
3 Flag of Volhynia .png Volhynia TBD
4 Argis Economic Cooperation Organization Lusuviya TBD
5 Argis Economic Cooperation Organization Dazhdinia TBD
Others 87,527
Total 204,736


Largest companies
Image Name Industry Sector Revenue
(in Int$)
Headquarters Founded
Danfoss Hauptgebäude in Nordborg.jpg Aulum Industries Industrial Conglomerate TBD Klinstrup 1888
Saxo Bank HQ building.jpg Guldbrand Group Retailing
Consumer Staples
TBD Kaslund 1952
Notable companies
     Active      State-owned      Defunct
Name Industry Sector Headquarters Founded Notes
Bravo Broadcasting Consumer services Broadcasting Aalhavn 1993 Television and entertainment producer
Holst Premium Consumer goods Food products Frankerup 1922 Renowned meat producer
Kollund Insurance Financials Insurance & Banking Halling 1901 Private insurance, defunct 1991
Lindenkrone Consumer goods Brewers Kaslund 1811 Alcoholic drinks
Littish Airlines Consumer services Airlines Kaslund 1941 State-owned national airlines
Littish Railways Consumer services Railroads Kaslund 1914 State-operated railways
MicroMachine Technology Software Halling 2016 Simulation software
NFS Media Services Media Kaslund 1922 Public service media
NordSoft Technology Software & Services Rødskov 1979 Software developer
Noxu Game Studios Technology Software & Services Halling 1992 Famous videogame developer
OPA Media Consumer services Publishing Kaslund 1982 Newspaper and media conglomerate
Parsol Health care Pharmaceuticals Kaslund 1948 Large pharmaceutical exporter
Summarum Consumer goods Consumer electronics Klinstrup 1929 Manufacturer of household electronics
TeleMax Telecommunications Mobile Telecommunications Gistrup 1972 Telephone provider
Torcon Industrials Construction & Engineering Klinstrup 1930 Award-winning construction company