San Lorenzo

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Confederated Republics of San Lorenzo

Repúblicas Confederadas de San Lorenzo
Flag of San Lorenzo
Map of San Lorenzo
Map of San Lorenzo
CapitalSan Lorenzo
Official languagesStillian
Recognised regional languagesAndesian
Demonym(s)San Lorenzian
• President
Jacob Belmonte

San Lorenzo is a country on Eurth.

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  • Capital: San Lorenzo.
  • Location of the Capital : Middle-East of the country in the desert.
  • Climate : Mostly desert with continental plains at the coasts of the river.[1]



  • San Lorenzo was formerly part of the colony of San Constantino
  • Then of the first Republic of San Castellino.
  • The country peacefully gained its independence during the New Lyrian War of Independence, one week after Montemadia's peaceful attainment of independence.
  • Since its independence, the Republic of San Lorenzo, because of its important mining resources (mainly lead, but also gold and silver), has spent its existence switching between the sphere of influence of San Castellino and that of New Lyria, according to the various presidents in charge, which has always made it particularly unstable.
  • This precarious balance was maintained until 2001, when President Cristobal Cristobes, strongly pro-San Castellinos and following the "advice" of General Di Foxycionni, removed Andesian as the recognized national language, leaving Stillian of San Castellino as the only recognized national language.
  • This led the region of Davérèto to declare its independence. While San Lorenzian troops were out to suppress the independentists, a skirmish between a policeman and miners, leading to the death of one of them, pushed the San Lorenzian workers to revolt. The leader of the libertarians, Jacob Belmonte, manages to take control of the revolutionary movement and makes the pro-san castellinos government capitulate. He sets up a libertarian confederation of seven quasi-autonomous republics, and openly in favor of New Lyria. Shortly after the revolution, San Lorenzo tried to reconquer the Davérèto, but the San Lorenzian troops were crushed by the San Castellinos forces, who, since the end of the pro-San Castellino government, supported the independence of the Davérèto.[1]


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  • Important mining resources (mainly lead, but also gold and silver).[1]


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  • Culture : Northern Mexican.[1]


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