Sentist State

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Sentist State of Yosmein and Ashein

Sentist State
Flag of Sentist State
Map of the Sentist State and Ceris
Map of the Sentist State and Ceris
CapitalAshein City
Official languagesEnglish
Recognised national languagesDolch, Ceriser Creole
Ethnic groups
GovernmentOligarchic Theocracy
• The Speaker
Dietmund Lorenz
• Second High Priest
• The Greeter
H Konnig
Unrecognised State
• Dolch See Sentist Organisation
Early 21st Century
• Sentist Unified Organisation
Mid 2018
• Proclamation of the Sentist State
Late September 2019
• Separation of Yosmein, Dopraystein, and Ashein from the Sentist State
February 2021
• Creation of the Sentist State of Yosmein and Ashein
March 2021
• 2019 estimate
Time zoneGMT-0
Driving sideright
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The Sentist State of Yosmein and Ashein, commonly known as the South Sentist State or just the Sentist State, is an unrecognised terrorist state located on the island of Ceris south of Argis on Eurth. Its closest neighbours are Criasia and West Ceris to the west, Oclait Territory to the north-west, Hodrea to the north-east, and Ostros and the North Adlantic Union to the east. Currently, no nations recognise the Sentist State as the legitimate government over Yosmein, Ashein, and Dopraystein.

Due to the secretive nature of the Sentist State, very little is known of the nation outside of satellite views and what little information published by the Sentist State itself. However, extrapolating from public data of Yosmein, Ashein, and Dopraystein the Sentist State is likely to have a population around 23,240,000.


  • Foundation
  • Dolch See Communities
  • Sentist Unified Organisation
  • Proclamation of the Sentist State
  • Ceriser War
  • Post-War Isolation