Delamarian Oriental Company

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Delamarian Oriental Company
Partially state owned company
IndustryInternational Trade
FateMerged with Ghazali Shipping
PredecessorLabradorian West Oriental Company
SuccessorDelori Ghazali
FoundedDecember 14, 1825; 197 years ago (1825-12-14)
DefunctMay 20, 1957 (1957-05-20)
Bodmonton, Delamaria (1825-1853)
Daruwa, Mahana (1853-1865)
Godstone, Great Anglia (1865-1920)
Lyrie, Lysia 1920-1933
Labrador, Delamaria (1933-1953)
ProductsCotton, silk, indigo dye, sugar, salt, spices, saltpetre, tea, minerals and opium

The Delamarian Oriental Company was a Delamarian joint stock trading company formed in 1825 out of the Labradorian West Oriental Company. The company traded across the Oriental Ocean especially in Oriental Europa. The company was long headquartered in the Delamarian colony of Daruwa in Mahana. However, the King of Mahana, Veyda III, tried launching an invasion into the city to kick out the colonisers. This push led the Delamarian government to send more than 3000 troops to the port to take it back and expand Delamaria's presence in the area. However, the Mahanan Durkhas successfully fought off the Delamarian soldiers and forced the troops off the mainland. This eventually pushed all Delamarian business out of Mahana at the time, severely weakening the company for more than a decade. In 1955, the company was entirely privatised by the Delamarian government in an effort to pay off war debts. Two years later it was merged with the Ghazali Shipping Company to form Delori Ghazali, which remains a large shipping and trading company to this day.