Great Alharun War

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Great Alharun War
Wang Jingwei and officers of the Reorganized National Government of Chinese army.jpg

Clockwise, from top left:
Date$$$$ 1972- 18 December 1975
Commanders and leaders
Limonaia Limonaia:
$$$$ infantry
Fulgistan Fulgistan:
$$$$ infantry
Casualties and losses
Total dead: 55,000
Total wounded: 87,000
Total dead: 73,000
Total wounded: 95,000
  • Total civilians killed/wounded: 25,000 (est.)

The Great Alharun War, also known as the $$$, was a military conflict fought primarily on the continents of Alharu and Marenesia from 1947 until the signing of the Sermerio Accords on December 18th, 1953.


(Which factions are involved? Why do they dislike each other? Which diplomatic efforts failed? What reason sparked use of military action?) (Now defunct - needs edit)

  • 1945: Unified Republic of Palu declares independence & succeeds
  • 1946: Fascists Elected in Limonaia
  • 1952: Fascists overthrow monarchy in Limonaia, Republic of Limonaia is declared
  • 1953 to 1960: Limonaian Homeland consolidated
  • 1962: South Palu Confederation annexed by Limonaia (Eulycea becomes pro-Limonaia)
  • 1964 - Kidney Islands annexed by Limonaia (Salvia officially becomes pro-Limonaia, being already on good terms with the fascist regime)
  • 1964: Following the annexation of the Kidney Islands, Seylos and Fulgistan enter into negotiations for a mutual defence pact, all fearing the worst outcome.
  • 1965: Fearful of Limonaian aggression spilling into Kaseka, a Seylosian owned city in Metztlitlaca, Seylos sends additional troops and ships to bolster its garrison. A small garrison is established on Llalta.
  • 1968: Unwilling to have Oyus annexed along with most of the rest of Limonaia's possessions, the Seylosian king signs an order of protection for the country, effectively guaranteeing its independence.



(How are international relations different before compared to after this war? Which leaders or nations gain or lose influence? Which territory changes hands?)

  • Salvian prominence greatly diminished
  • Gallambria solidifies position as number one in Marenesia