Kingdom of Nassaua

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Kingdom of Nassaua

Koninkrijk van Nassaua
Flag of
Common languagesAnglish, Variot
• 1787-1809
Willem I
• 1809-1856
Willem II
House of Lords
House of Deputies
• Established
6 March 1787
• Annexed by Delamaria
1 January 1856
CurrencyNassauer Guilder
Today part ofDelamaria
  1. ...

The Kingdom of Nassaua was a country in Argis that existed from 1787 to 1852, when it was annexed by Delamaria. Originally founded as a Variot colony, it resided on the island of Nassaua. The Kingdom was only ever ruled by two monarchs, Willem the first and his son Willem the second, who's reign ended when Delamaria formally annexed Nassaua. The annexation was welcomed for the most part by Nassauers, as Nassaua had been in an economic union with Delamaria, and was considered internationally to be a vassal state of Delamaria.

Nassaua was an ally of Labradoria, and fought in the Delamarian War of 1804 after Lysian Columbia claimed Nassaua and the Territory of Hyannis. Nassaua maintained good relations with Labradoria throughout its entire existence, though it had many disputes with the Lysian Columbians.