Delamarian War of 1804

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Delamarian War of 1804
British taking of the Northeast Bastion during the night assault on Fort Erie, August 14, 1814.png
DateJan 1804-Dec 1809
Result Labradorian Victory, Lysian Columbia forced to release Fravina and cede Bodmonton.
 Kingdom of Nassaua
 Lysian Columbia
Commanders and leaders
  • Labradoria William IV
  • Labradoria Charles Landstadt
  • Labradoria Henry Edwards
  • Labradoria George Wellington
  • Kingdom of Nassaua Willem I
  • Kingdom of Nassaua Willem II
  • Kingdom of Nassaua Johan Meyer
  • Lysian Columbia Charles I
  • Lysian Columbia Jacques Monroe
  • Lysian Columbia Henri DuGaunne
  • Lysian Columbia Georges Orleans

The Delamarian War of 1804 was a conflict between the Colonial Empire of Lysian Columbia and the alliance of the Unitary Kingdom of Labradoria and Kingdom of Nassaua. The war began in January of 1804, and ended in December 1809, at the Treaty of Labrador. The war began due to Lysian Columbian claims of Nassaua and the Territory of Hyannis. Nassaua, an ally of Labradoria, was frightened of a Lysian invasion of the island, in which it would surely lose. The Lysian capture of the small Nassauer island, Gerport, news quickly reached Labradoria, and was considered an act of war. Labradorian troops stationed along the Lysian Columbian border were led by George Wellington, who led the army through to Radnor, one of the economic centres of Lysian Columbia, which was already under economic stress. Further naval action by Labradoria and Nassaua crippled the Columbian economy, and would ultimately lead to Lysian Columbia's downfall.