List of Prime Ministers of Littland

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List of Prime Ministers

Political Parties:

  Labour Party   Christian Democratic League   Liberal Party

Key: † Died while in office

No. Portrait Name Took office Left office Time in office Party Election(s) Cabinet(s)
1 Otto Albert Blehr (Sinding-Larsen).jpg Torsten Einarsen Labour Party
2 Adrian Skovgaard Labour Party
3 OttoLiebe.jpg Kenneth Reenberg Christian Democratic League
4 MadsenMygdal.jpg Kristian Vincent Christian Democratic League
5 Arvid Lindman.jpg Thorvald Bendtsen Christian Democratic League
6 Nicklas Olsen Labour Party
7 Johan Ludwig Mowinckel.jpg Erik Andersen Christian Democratic League
8 Steen Nørup Labour Party
9 Willoch 1983 (high resolution, cropped).jpg Georg Albertsen Christian Democratic League
10 Carl Bildt 2001-05-15.jpg Marius Simonsen Christian Democratic League
11 Per Kulstad Labour Party
12 Norges Stortingspresident Thorbjorn Jagland vid Nordiska Radets session i Oslo. 2007-10-30. Foto- Magnus Storm Otto Dalgaard Christian Democratic League
13 Fredrik Reinfeldt 12 Sept 2014.jpg Knud Kristensen Liberal Party
14 Karl Novack Labour Party
15 Martti Ahtisaari, tidigare president Finland och mottagare av Nobels fredrspris (2).jpg Elias Alexandersen Christian Democratic League
16 KjellMagneBondevik (edit).JPG Mads-Emil Petersen Christian Democratic League
17 Littland Viktoria Wolff.jpg Viktoria Wolff Labour Party
18 Littland Albert Simonsen.jpg Albert Simonsen 10 August 2016 Incumbent 6 years, 301 days Christian Democratic League 2016
A. Simonsen I


Albert SimonsenViktoria WolffMads-Emil PetersenElias AlexandersenKarl NovackKnud KristensenStorm Otto DalgaardPer KulstadMarius SimonsenGeorg AlbertsenSteen NørupErik AndersenNicklas OlsenThorvald BendtsenKristian VincentKenneth ReenbergAdrian SkovgaardTorsten Einarsen