Littlands Nationalbank

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Littlands Nationalbank
Logo Littland Central Bank.png
Established1 March 1914
(110 years ago)
Ownership100% state ownership
DirectorHenrik Moesgaard
Central bank of Littland
CurrencyLittish daler
DAL (ISO 4217)
Reserves207.2 billion Đ
Headquarters of the Littish Central Bank in Kaslund

Littlands Nationalbank (English: The National Bank of Littland, often refered to simply as Nationalbanken in Littish) is the central bank of Littland. It was founded in 1914 following the Littish Civil War as part of reconstruction and attempts to restart the sluggish Littish economy. It is the only institution which controls the nations currency, the Littish daler. The headquarters is located in Kaslund with branches in 14 major Littish cities.