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Kingdom of Magnus

Kongeriket av Magnus
Flag of Magnus
Coat of arms of Magnus
Coat of arms
Map of Magnus
Map of Magnus
• Monarch
• Prime Minister
Erik Larsen
• Estimate
GDP (PPP)estimate
• Per capita
CurrencyMagnar krona

Magnus, officially known as the Kingdom of Magnus (Kongeriket av Magnus), is a sovereign state in Argis on Eurth. It is bordered by the Argic Ocean to the north, Ulfheimr in the east, COUNTRYNAME to the south, and Ateenia in the west.

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Magnus is an constitutional monarchy that consists of six providences, which are further divided into Fylkers, Krafters, and Landsbyers. The capital city of Magnus is Snodekt, with locations of importance being Magnate, Gylden, and Alexander’s Sverd.[1]


Viking era

It was 873 CE, also most common known as the Golden Age of Vikings. It was a period of Viking domination, progression, and advancement regarding the status of their culture at the time. They conquered many lands of importance, and successfully raided several others. The Vikings have sought to found an formal colony of theirs, and named it Coloniae Magnum (Colonies of Magnum). Fortunately, their previous accomplishments helped shape their new nation. With the total population numbers of 134,928, the density is very low due to the Vikings having over three hundred thousand square meters of land. The average norm of the community is that residents own very large amounts of property, and expand it if they can. Due to this policy, the residents own oversized homes, and rarely encounter each other. The only source of information that is available to them is the Nuntii Mans (News Man), who deliver news to all of the nation.

After the battles of Desterat, an new age of decline began. It was mostly an depressing period of misery suffered by Vikings when their historical enemy has obtained inside intelligence, and initiated an coordinated attempt to attack and destroy Magnum. With the help of several other small nations, they opened fire on December. Unfortunately, they were successful in their efforts, and destroyed everything. Famous architecture were no exception either. When the military examined the sculptures, a sense of jealousy and anger washed upon them. They hauled their axes against the sculpture, and showed no mercy when smashing it. That marked the utter end of their Magnum and only few Vikings are left in the wurld, all hiding in the dark cold mountains. They had started a new way of old life, as the ancient ancestors have some similarities with their styles. The years slowly passed. The Vikings made very little progress, fearing to escape the mountains for land. Their enemies might still be occupying the land, and they didn’t want to be captured and hanged. While that strategy has saved them, it certainly provided disadvantages. Due to their lack of interaction, they had forgotten Latin, and spoke old languages again.[1]

Alexandrian era

Something amazing happened. Alexander, an member of the tribe that was sought to be killed emerged again suddenly. He had nothing useful, except an sword. He urged the tribe to escape their life out of the mountains, and attack their enemies for fair revenge. Although the Vikings left were skeptical of Alexander’s plan, they decided to follow it because it presented an opportunity, and sitting in the mountains all day wasn’t a better choice. They marched into the cities. To their realizations, the land was fully inhabited, and people can be seen walking. Once they reached the border, they plotted an escape. It involved deadly distractions for the guards, and finally an easy escape. They crossed into undiscovered lands. After touring the land, they have decided to create an new nation. They named it Kingdom of Magnus. It was after the Magnars, an minority tribe that most of the original founders were. No one knew exactly now they decided, and the founders theirselves are relatively unknown. They wanted to create an more revolutionary nation that was similar to their old nation, even naming the the people “Magnums”. It was lead by Alexander, the same leader who inspired the journey.[1]


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The future is inevitable. We cannot avoid our issues and conflicts, just like how we can not ignore our responsibilities. Unfortunately, the future can also be unpredictable, though their are some general agendas and advice regarding the future.[1]

  • Monarch
  • Prime Minister: Erik Larsen[2]
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs
  • Minister of Economy
  • Minister of Environmental Preservation: Karl Andersen[3]

Foreign relations

Another issue would be the international diplomacy. As an relatively new nation, Magnus is opening to new relations with foreign powers, and hopefully improve it’s international respect in the process. Magnus seeks to develop a Scandinavian alliance with other nations of the same region, while still participating in Public International alliances/organizations, and their events.[1]


Although over the decades their has been tremendous improvement in Magnus, their is always room to expand. For an example, the military of Magnus is weak and undeveloped, and need serious training to become an reasonable military. Over the years, underfunding and corruption in the military branches has started an decline in it’s power. One of the future agendas is to refund the military, supervise it’s development, and hopefully create an new, reasonable military that can serve Magnus.[1]

  • Magnus Foreign Military Exchange Department (FMED)[4]


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Oh an last note, Magnus needs to improve it’s technology. It has been under-progressing for years, and some residents still use old fashioned tools to do tasks, with no viable alternative. One of the hardest but most beneficial agendas is to speed up development of new technology, and help millions of Magnums improve their lives.[1]

  • Magnus Business Broadcasting[5]


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  • The ethnicity of Magnus is mainly Scandinavian, mixed together to a create an general identity.[1]
  • Noble University[6]


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  • !Scandinavian[7]


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