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Mahanan Congress

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Mahanan Congress

Mahāna Kāṅgrēsa
LeaderRanju Bastola (Prime-Minister)
Bina Sharma (President)
FounderBalram Kandel
FoundedFebruary 11, 1992 (1992-02-11)
IdeologySocial democracy

The Mahanan Congress (Mahanan: Mahāna Kāṅgrēsa, महान कांग्रेस) is the largest party in Mahana, as well as the nation's largest social democracy party.

The Mahanan Congress is the only party to have been in power post the Mahanan Civil War of the early 1990's, winning by a majority in the 2005 and 2021 general elections.

The party was formed in 1992, following the Civil War, from the old Mahanan Socio Party.