Thalassan War

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Thalassan War
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Military situation in $date:
     Andalla      SSI      Giokto      Kipan
Date18 November 1941 (1941-11-18) – 1 January 1947 (1947-01-01) (12 years, 2 weeks and 4 days)
Main Belligerents
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Commanders and leaders
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The Thalassan War was a continental war that lasted from 1941 to 1947, although related conflicts began earlier and were, in some places, resolved later. It involved the vast majority of the Thalassan nations.


On 30 July 1926 the Treaty of Protiva is signed, formally ending the First Giokto-Andallan War and granting Andalla control over the Giokton province of Liamchia (廉奢: Liâm-tsia). In 1939 a socialist-monarchist coup takes place in Selayar, with General Dharmasetu Sahaja ruling as absolute monarch.[1]

Major Factions



The Sahaja dynasty has been ruling Selayar since the 1939 coup that installed a socialist kingdom and General Dharmasetu Sahaja ascended the Selayari throne. The monarch has absolute power over the nation, and they are the head of state and government of Selayar.[2]

Sunset Sea Islands

Prior to the war, the Sunset Sea Islands were known as the "Empire of Mat Troi Lan", which roughly translates to "Empire of the Setting Sun".


Giokto (玉島保國: Gio̍k-tó) territory encompassed the island of Giokto and the Goa Archipelago off the northwest coast of Giokto.


  • 18 November 1941: The Giokton submarine I-23 sinks the troop transport SFS Teuvo Antonnen, killing 1,452 soldiers and crew.[3]
  • 19 November 1941: After a speech by Andallan President Lars Nedergaard, the Kongres near-unanimously declares war on the Giokton Republic, and Protocol Shadow is enacted.
  • 19 November 1941 - ?: The Battle of Liamchia, codenamed Operation Lyn, begins with a massive Andallan artillery barrage and air assault. An hour later, Andallan tanks and APCs charge into the buffer zone and assault the Giokton fortifications, amid heavy shelling. With assistance from the Andallan Commonwealth Army Airborne Corps' Luftbårnejaegeren (Airborne Rangers), the Andallan military is able to neutralize most of the Giokton border emplacements, albeit at a very high price.


In Selayar the outcome of the conflict indirectly led to the outbreak of the Selayari Civil War (1959-1974).

The Empire of Mat Troi Lan came to an end and was replaced by the Kingdom of Sunset Sea Islands.


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