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Thelarike Kingdom

from 500s CE – to 1500s
The Thelarike Kingdom at its greatest extent
The Thelarike Kingdom at its greatest extent
Common languagesOld Buran
Historical eraPost-Classical Era
Today part of

The Thelarike Kingdom was an ancient kingdom located in the geographical Buranian region of northern Europa on Eurth.


The name "Thelarike" comes from Thelar + rik (suffix: "king", "ruler"). It is related to the Buran tribe of Thelar. This tribe inhabited the northwest corner of Burania, including the Parnu peninsula. Out of this region formed the kingdom of Thelarike ("realm of Thelar").


  • Thelarania ("tribe of Thelar") includes the peninsula of what is now Deltannia.
  • Thelasur is the southern part. The name comes from Thelar + Sur / Syd (south). Present-day Tal Shiar.
  • Thelamark along the border with Volsci form of the name was Þelamörk or Þilamörk. The first element; Þilir was the name of the inhabitants, and is assumed to be connected with Þelli (pine). The last element mörk means forest or march.


Narwhal throne of the Fisher Kings of Thelarike, with Aroman details.
Olrik Naddoddson and his men follow the San. Early wurld maps display south at the top.

The kingdom of Thelarike shared a common history with many of its northern Buran neighbours.

  • 500s BCE — Not much is known about the area. Part of Buranian clan-lands. Only mentioned in Aroman writings as a source of resources.
  • 447-449 CE — The brothers Hengist and Horsa led an early invasion of Tal Shiar.
  • 500s CE — Thelarike ("realm of Thelar") ruled by a line of Fisher Kings.
  • 516 — First mentions of the semi-legendary king Hrólfr Kraki.
  • 630-669 — Tagmatium undertakes a conquest of the six islands at the edge of the domain of the Fisher Kings, driving out their forces and incorporating them into their empire.
  • 700s — Early whaling in the Storm Sea and Adlantic Ocean. Whalers established a temporary shelters on some islands.
  • 887 — Olrik Naddoddson was banished from Thelarike "because of some killings". He and his family led a Buranian exploration into the Adlantic Ocean.
  • 900s — Other explorers sailed out into the west.
  • 1000s — First whaling stations on East-Argis, mostly for processing whales.
  • 1100s — Further exploration along the East-Argic coastline.
  • 1500s — The last heathen areas of Thelarike are converted to the Enlightened Aroman Church, although eastern areas also come under the influence of the Volsci.

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